Saturday, February 28, 2015

Burwell, TP, Screw You GOP!

Is GOP finally getting nervous that the Supreme Court might gut Obamacare? - LA Times:

If more Americans were somewhat awake and observing, TP (The Party-D) would be useless to elect. No matter what, NOTHING that they do is ever really their responsibility!

As I covered here  they wrote the ACA and EXPLICITLY put the "only the states that set up exchanges" will get subsidies! The idea was that they would FORCE the issue by PUNISHING those states that didn't comply.

But then 37 states didn't do exchanges and they realized their program was not going to work without those states involved, so they STILL gave people signing up in those states subsidies -- and now 87% of the people signed up get kickbacks.

But, as they make clear in the article, if the SCOTUS calls their bluff, IT IS THE REPUBLICANS FAULT!

Got it? You write a law with a specific intent to screw over your political enemies and reward your friends, it backfires and you get totally caught, but you STILL WIN!

That is what it means to be a ONE PARTY SYSTEM! "Heads I win, Tails you lose". You are the MINORITY, we own the media, most of the legal system, education, all the government workers, etc, so SCREW YOU!

We live in a corrupt regime, and TP is arrogant enough to just lay it all out there.

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