Tuesday, February 10, 2015

"Coexist" Artist Beaten

Blog: Coexist graffiti artist badly beaten by Muslim 'youths':

When I see one these on a car I watch out for stupid driving  -- the bumper sticker proves the people in the car have no clue.

The simple proof is right up front, the crescent and star of Islam, the religion founded by a killer who consummated his marriage to his favorite wife (of many) when she was 9 years old and contains many references in it's holy books to taking the entire world by force and converting all to Sharia Law -- after which there will be "peace", but not before.

To show that symbol on the same sticker as the Cross of Christ, symbolic of the Son of God who died for the sins of the world, separated the ages into BC /AD, and is the reason for the tolerant western civilization that allows fools to drive around with such stickers and not be dragged from their cars and beheaded, is a testament to human obliviousness.

Christ didn't kill his enemies, he bled and died for them. To equate the first and last symbols on that sticker is far more wrong than to out the Star of David and the swastika on the same level and claim them "equivalent".

I can only imagine how Arabs feel about the Star of David being present -- a large number of them want Jews wiped out no less than Hitler did. In fact, it is the official policy of many of their countries.

The "peace" symbol, feminism, environmentalism, etc are mere noise, but the sub message is that of John Lennon's  "Imagine" -- imagine it is all meaningless, there is ho heaven or hell, nothing matters, etc. John apparently died in the hope that litany is true. He had no idea he was checking out, but he likely bet his eternal soul on the airy wishes of "imagine".

So someone drives around in an EXTREMELY tolerant and law abiding civilization where the odds they can get away with having a bumper sticker displaying their self assumed superiority to all forms of meaning in life are great enough for them to feel smug rather than worried. All the while, with no awareness on their part, relying on the results of thousands of years of civilizing forces primarily the result of the people behind only two of those symbols -- the Star of David and the Cross.

So as the linked article mentions -- sometimes the lead symbol on the "Hit me, I'm stupid" joke on your bumper might take you up on it.

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