Friday, February 27, 2015

Frozen Slush Waves, 81 Years

Four photos of slush waves that'll chill your bones | MSNBC:

Those of us who are alive and able to read and see things, ought to be able to read and see things about WEATHER -- hot or cold!

Denver has broken a 102 year February record for snow.

Nantucket is having the coldest winter in 81 years. That is newsworthy -- people are living through it, there are interesting phenomenon associated with it. It is just DATA -- like CA having had a drought that was supposedly the "worst in 1200 years" ... which is kinda funny if you look at the "pattern" on the chart that supposedly shows that. It certainly does show that CA has a climate that is prone to deep drought. One might be able to find a statistical way to claim the last drought was "worst", but it ain't by much! (like pick out the NEXT worst from the chart ... )

Naturally, we have heard A LOT about the CA drought, because it fits the current narrative of "Global Warming" ... since Nantucket and Denver do not, old records going by the board there get little coverage. Thus, why many people "believe".

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