Monday, February 23, 2015

GOP Frontrunner Easy to Find!

Scott Walker is officially the GOP frontrunner, and the media is out for blood « Hot Air:

It reminds me of a bitch (female dog) being in heat in the country neighborhood when I was a kid -- every male dog within a couple miles was around for a visit, often with one dragging a chain that was supposed to keep them home.

The usual drill in '11 was as a new face hit the top we heard about their husband maybe being gay (Bachmann),  the old divorce re-marriage with wife (Mitch Daniels), the racist rock (Rick Perry) ... Herman Cain women, Romney was a "bully" -- like I said, "bitch in heat".

One thing about having an R next to your name, the media LOVES to do opposition "research" on you! Only problem is that they already went berserk on Walker in the recall and then again in the last election, and even after shaking down friends and associates so hard they ended up getting court orders against them, they really didn't find anything.

So we are on "he didn't graduate from college", "he was in a room when somebody said something uncomplimentary about BO" and "you, can we ask you if you think BO is a Christian?".

Seriously, in the media mind is somebody being a Christian good or bad???

The predictability of the MSM gives banal a bad name!

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