Friday, February 06, 2015

High Horseshit

Man on a high horse | Power Line:

It is hard to imagine being any sicker of listening to BO bloviate, but it just goes on and on.

The Crusades were a DEFENSIVE war -- Islam had Spain and was moving into France. The forces of good in the west have had a hard time getting going for a long time -- and then we navel gaze about if we were "too harsh" for a thousand years and more.

WWII was a defensive war too. We didn't get really going until Hitler had France then as well. It is true that Hitler was generally much nicer than Islam -- he did his genocide behind as much of a veil as he could rather than in high definition video. He and Islam strangely share in hatred for the Jews -- and like Hitler, they like killing Christians as well. For some reason, evil has tended to agree on the killing of Jews and Christians for a very long time!

It seems that BO must be both an extreme narcissist and INSANE. How else can one possibly explain him talking about being "on a high horse" and not figuring out that **HE** is the most out of touch human on a "high horse" since Adolf? He can't possibly be so stupid as to not realize his king of the world posturing ... which leaves us with ????

No doubt future "National Socialists" will hold our harsh treatment of der Fuhrer against us as well. The forces of evil have always been attached to the concept of moral relativism.

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