Tuesday, February 10, 2015

How Can You Run When You Know? Thunderstruck

American hostage Mueller's death confirmed by Obama, family | Reuters:

"What if you knew her and saw her dead on the ground, how can you run when you know?"

Back when I was in HS the young were awfully anxious to go after Nixon and ill trained, wet behind the ears guardsmen no older than themselves who and killed four protestors at Kent State in a horrible accident. Mao, who killed 10's of millions was considered a great guy and so were war ballads against America.

Songs are powerful, I can still remember the strains of "Ohio" playing in the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire student union as I toured the campus in preparation for college. It seemed so "revolutionary". The modern leftists cry of "Chicken Hawk" when anyone that thinks that Freedom, America, and young women like Kayla Mueller are worth fighting for.

Better to avoid getting on any "high horse" and claim that "bad things have been being done for a long time".

Better a "Chicken Hawk" than a Chicken Shit.

Had the current "Chicken Shit in Chief" kept just a few troops in Iraq, the rise of ISIS could have been prevented entirely, but now it will take a lot more sad and brutal deaths before we get back to more of aggressive ballad footing -- but here is a start.

Better to die with you finger on the trigger (preferably a BIG one) than on your knees, especially with your head being hacked off by a raghead in black.

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