Thursday, February 26, 2015

If McCarthy Was a Democrat

I am Under “Investigation” | The Climate Fix:

Since this story will likely hit only the "right wing media" (underground media?) I better introduce it. A DEMOCRAT Congressman from AZ, Raúl Grijalva, has sent letters to the universities of 7 US academics informing them that they are under investigation under the suspicion of climate denialism -- "are you now, or have you ever been a denier of AGW?" (Anthropogenic Global Warming)"? 

For any with a rudimentary understanding of US political history, this is pretty much an exact analogue for what is commonly screamed of as "McCarthyism" if the political right comes anywhere close to it. 

The reason that this isn't of interest from the left is that from the left, this is what is called BAU -- Business As Usual. What part of "You MUST agree" is it that these 7 have failed to understand? "Gay marriage"? You must agree, or we will put you out of business! You are think your group can be tax deductible but  you don't agree with TP? No, you can't be and the IRS will prove it -- oh, and BTW, likely audit you and those on your contributor lists as well for good measure! Ditto AGW. 

The reason that "McCarthyism" is called "McCarthyism" is because McCarthy had the total unmitigated gall to go after THE LEFT -- Communists! He seemed to think that being called a Communist was somehow a BAD thing, when in fact the left has always made clear it is supposed to be a GOOD THING! 

The real definition of McCarthyism is "Someone on the right getting enough power to seem to be able to question the left, which results in the person on the right being demonized, losing their position and ultimately being destroyed". 

For those who are not in "THE PARTY (TP)", "McCarthyism" is "Being in a position of some level of power and questioning TP".

For Democrats (TP), "McCarthyism is simply business as usual.

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