Thursday, February 26, 2015

Kickback Neutrality

F.C.C. Net Neutrality Rules Clear Hurdle as Republicans Concede to Obama -

I happened to be listening to MPR this AM when they must have let the wrong caller through to a program on BOcare. She had a family of four, made too much for BOcare subsidies, but was well short of "comfortable".  She had thought BOcare would be a good thing, but discovered that her old $800 monthly bill for insurance went up to $1200 and the deductibles went from a couple hundred to couple thousand. In summary, her  health care cost went from a bit less than $10K to $20K -- it doubled and she was aghast. The show moved on with no comment -- not their kind of caller. You lost lady -- next question.

That is pretty much what is happening to most folks -- the folks that are benefitting from BOcare are those at a lower income level. It "works as expected" -- it transfers money from working people to those non-working or at least low income, and provides a kickback (more money) to the people that supported the program -- insurance companies and big medical providers like Mayo. TP's friends are rewarded and it's enemies are punished -- success! Next topic.

The linked article indicates that the FCC is going to pick up a whole new domain from where appropriate kickbacks can be garnered for itself and suitable friends. Want to certified as "neutral" -- well, here is how you do it, send so much here, contribute to this, pay this person / foundation / organization, and wala, you are "neutral"! Oh, wait -- I see that you are on a list as one of THOSE people -- "conservative", "Tea Party", "Christian" ... whatever. Do you want to cause yourself problems? or do you just not know any better?

I believe the IRS "scandal" is a watershed moment for America. We CAUGHT the Federal agency that we ALL have to deal with operating by punishing it's political enemies. And we did NOTHING! Note I said CAUGHT -- that is the equivalent of "seeing a rat". By the time you SEE a rat, only the most insane would think "oh, there is probably just one"!

Corruption is endemic to ALL human institutions! The church, business, private organizations, government, etc. ALL ORGANIZATIONS! The bigger they are, the more powerful, the more isolated by "disclosure rules", the worse the corruption is. When politics become involved -- as in Government UNIONS which are servants to ONE PARTY, everyone that has a brain knows what is happening. "Catching" someone is really beside the point. You hopefully have never witnessed a fatal car accident happen personally -- that does not mean that they don't happen!

Saying anything about the obvious gets more and more dangerous however. Letting the government run the Internet is no different from letting the Mob run the truckers union -- only all of us are like produce shippers in the trucking example.

Perhaps the entire country can just operate on kickbacks of one form or another? That is how things work in "One Nation Under the Administrative State"!

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