Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Look Before You GIVE!!!

The Right Wing Scam Machine | National Review Online:

Conservatives generally give about 30% more of their income to various sources and I have a strong suspicion that they are both too trusting, AND that watchdog agencies are WAY less likely to do any investigations if someone is sucking money out of conservatives.


  • Don't give ANY money to organizations that call over the phone unless you REALLY know about them. A huge percentage of such fundraisers are just "using a name", and a TINY percentage of what they raise actually goes to the organization! 
  • NEVER given any money to the "National Republican" anything -- figure out what candidates you like and give it to THEM! 
  • Make sure you vet any places you want to give money and find out what percentage goes to the actual "cause / candidate / etc"  

The bottom line is BE SUSPICIOUS -- even if it has the name of a person you like / trust, It's a nasty world out there!

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