Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Slick Willie and The Lolita Express

Bill Clinton identified in lawsuit against pedophile Jeffrey Epstein | Daily Mail Online:

This story is pretty well known around the world, and has surfaced in a few more right wing news outlets here in the US.

The facts seem to be:
  • Jeffrey Epstein is a CONVICTED abuser of underage girls
  • He is also a billionaire and big Democrat supporter / donor
  • He and Slick Willie at least "have" been friends, Slick is documented as having used his aircraft, sometimes called "The Lolita Express" as well as being a guest on his island, where some of the underage sex was documented. 
It is pretty easy to see why this is NOT a big story in the Land of TP! 

I've read BO's book, "Dreams", it's content might as well be Top Secret in this country.  I personally believe that a lot of things could be true about the Clinton/Epstein story and it will never come out. Let's face it, it is pretty darned likely that Slick Willie raped Juanita Broaddrick, but nobody really cares. We live in a fishbowl where TP provides both the information and what to think about it for about 80% of the people. 

We are the point of the fall of the US -- you can compare it with the fall of Rome, or the fall of Great Britain, or no doubt the fall of a lot of other lesser countries, corporations and organizations. Things have been too good for too long and the vast majority of people now assume that either that will continue or "there is nothing they could do that would make any difference" -- so they are just here for the ride. Typically, the end of the ride doesn't go all that well.

When "greatness" falls, moral collapse seems to always be one of the attendant factors. It is most likely more of a symptom than a cause -- like jaundice and liver problems, but ignoring symptoms is rarely wise. 

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