Friday, February 06, 2015

The Williams Standard, Galaxy Quest

Rather symmetrical | Power Line:

John Kerry spent Christmas in Cambodia in '68 ... when Nixon was President . Oh, but Nixon wasn't president in '68, Kerry was never in Cambodia, and Christmas isn't much of a holiday there anyway.

Hillary Clinton breathlessly reported she was under sniper fire in Bosnia ... only she wasn't.

Joe Biden's helicopter was "forced down in the super highway of terror" ... by a snowstorm. The John Kerry quote from that is pretty good ..."We were going to send Biden out to fight the Taliban with snowballs, but we didn't have to do it." he said. "Other than getting a little cold, it was fine."  ... let's face it. No sane person takes Biden seriously, BO insured the Republicans would never impeach him when he picked him as VP -- it is his best policy decision.

What Brian Williams has done mostly is make us ALL confront our "stories" -- some of us, for just a second to say "Nope, we are NOTHING like that"! Maybe more of us to say -- "well, if I really was a big war correspondent, what would my stories be THEN"?

I'm reminded of "Galaxy Quest", the space spoof of "Star Trek" where a set of smart but not very swashbuckling aliens builds the star ship from the show, kidnaps the actors, and expects them to fight a real enemy with it -- they are crestfallen when they figure out that the whole show is actually "made up".

Don't worry, it's a human STORY -- it gets better from there. As something well north of 100 million people in just the past century have learned from Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Pol Pol, abortion, banning DDT, etc, etc, it is more our PRETEND stories that have happy endings.

Our airwaves and internet pipes are bulging with stories -- most of them completely fabricated with little connection to any reality other than imagination.

But in order to live, govern ourselves, have families, reality IS important, so we very much need to have a "metaphysical dream/story/myth" that is MORE true than "this vale of tears". "God created the earth and us, he loves us, he sent his Son to save us, and we will live with him forever when we die". I personally believe that story -- but even if I didn't, I like it MUCH better than "There is no God, no truth, no meaning. We are alone in a harsh universe, and whatever happens is utterly without any shred of meaning".

Brian Williams no doubt has to go. His business is credibility, and he has shown that he is not credible.

I have way less problem with him -- or Kerry, Biden or Hillary for that matter on the "tall tales topic" than Rather.  They are fabricating a tale with some basis in reality and enhancing the importance of their role in it -- making themselves "heroes", something that we all do to some degree in our own minds. Even when we don't admit it even to ourselves.

Rather, on the other hand,  took his ideological position of power in news and used it to fabricate and purvey a story about someone else -- someone who did not share is ideology, and whom he likely felt a lot of malice for.

That is far worse in my book.

By Grabthar's Hammer, You shall be avenged!

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