Wednesday, February 11, 2015

TP: Think By Numbers

Obama’s Goldilocks Approach to Terrorism [Updated] | Power Line:

I suppose those old paint by numbers pictures may just be a figment of my youth -- they put numbers on little parts of the picture that indicated what colors you ought to use.

TP (The Party-D) through their own instruction and especially given the megaphone of the media does much the same with the minds of the easily led. The linked article gives a few  examples which I'll touch on, but then continue for a bit. My sample will be minor -- really the whole landscape of modern thought is carefully and oppressively created and numbered by TP.
  • Terrorism -- NOT a serious problem. It is like "random crime". NOT to be worried about! (Pay no attention to that young woman just killed!) 
  • Climate Change -- SERIOUS PROBLEM -- everyone needs to get wildly excited about this! RIGHT NOW ... why, in 100 years, it could be as much as a degree or two warmer!! ( the fact that it hasn't moved in 18 years is meaningless) 
  • Vaccinations -- Anti-Science! ... er, well now it is. Pay no attention to Marin County, noted liberal enclave having vaccination rates like Somalia ...
  • GMOs? Now THAT is some science not to be trusted! Oh, and fracking isn't safe no matter what science might say -- get your mind right!  TP CHOOSES which science is "settled" and which is not. 
  • Oh, 50 million lives lost to malaria due to DDT ban? Never mind -- those are black lives that DON'T matter, just like the 6K young black men that shoot each other in our TP socially engineered inner cities every year! 
  • 18 Trillion and debt and rising -- No biggie. Remember back prior to 2009 when any deficit at all ... including the W $175 B in '07 was a HUGE issue? Wonder what changed? 
  • "1 out of 5 women raped" ... this is a MONSTER issue, it even needs BO to break into the Grammy's to cover it, of course it is completely false, but see Global Warming -- trust in TP!  
  • The US is out of oil! ... Oh wait, it has a lot of oil -- and it is all due to the policies of TP! 
  • The Keystone Pipeline is bad, Fracking is bad! Oil is bad! ... oh wait, TP is good! You might have to kinda fudge that mental square ... oil and everything to get it is bad, but $2 gas is good and due to the TP policies -- "somehow". 
If you listen to NPR and follow some right wing media, this is pretty much what the mental landscape looks like -- including HUGE gaps like 50M and 6K a year lives lost that nobody talks about!  TP presents the pieces of the picture they want to present, AND tells you what to think about what they choose for you to see.

It is easy to understand why TP believers hate Fox News, Talk Radio and Blogs so much!

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