Tuesday, February 03, 2015

Vaccinating Against Nazis, Danger Will Robinson!

 Chris Christie Call's for 'Balance' With Anti-Vaccination Movement - The Atlantic:

Herr Goebbels of the propaganda wing of TP (The Party-D) is hard at work trying to correlate "Climate Change" and "Anti-Vaccine" -- they are also painting Rand Paul with the same brush as Christie is painted in the title linked article.

First,  a tiny bit of  perspective  -- ALL of the people labeled "anti-vax" on the right in these articles -- Paul, Christy, Bachman, vaccinate their own kids. What they talked about is a SPECIFIC vaccine -- HPV, Hepatitis-B, etc and/or about the issue of parents having the FREEDOM to at least make SOME decisions on vaccines -- as in when, which ones, etc.  That is their "danger".

Naturally, if you are a Statist at MJ or Huffpo, ANY questioning of the state is VERY dangerous!

Strangely however the  anti-vaccine crowd is more correlated to the left than to the right! I highly recommend the linked MJ article, it is AMAZINGLY even handed for MJ! It even points out Lysenkosim, the greatest death toll from anti-science (USSR), even exceeding  the National SOCIALISTS in Germany.

Democrats, Communists, Socialists, etc are ALL "Statists" -- they believe the "experts" are right and want to force you to do whatever they say. (Ideas so good they have to be MANDATORY!) The main reason for these articles is simple demonization of the right, even though in this specific case, the actual anti-vax crowd is more left than right.

if the right doesn't agree with ALL of the pronouncements of the politically motivated "science" of the left, then they are DANGEROUS! Right now, the TP "Lost In Space" media is is just doing "Danger, Will Robinson"

Those with brains not completely addled by TP propaganda have some sense that this is so stupid that it is funny. Very true, except for the sad fact that as TP continues to gain more and more power, eventually these "divide and isolate as DANGEROUS!"  techniques become Gulags, big trenches, machine guns and lots of bodies -- which reduces the humor.

In a world of limited government, strong markets, evenly matched media sources and diversity in education --- basically US prior to 1960, all this would be of no danger whatsoever. When I was in school even in the '60s and '70s, the MANY mistakes of science were commonly pointed out -- thalidomide babies, BF Skinner and behaviorism, doctors recommending menthol cigarettes,  electroshock therapy -- even derided in movies like "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest".

The modern lefty meme of "infallible science" and the "danger" of all who question it had not yet been foisted on the easily led masses. We have indeed  been "progressed" to be a far more docile and easily led people ("sheeple").

The forces of the left operate by an amazingly similar script, in which control of "education" (indoctrination) and the media is a cornerstone. Prior to WWII the left in this country was PROUD to be called "Socialists" and often even Communists -- but as "National Socialism" got a bit of a bad name, even for Statists of the time, they changed their name to "Liberal", even though they were and are anything but.

Same with AGW "Anthropogenic Global Warming". When it failed to "warm" in correlation with their models, they changed the name to "Climate Change". It is a completely idiotic name, the climate is ALWAYS changing, but the main power that the left demands is the ability to control the meaning of words!

It may be time for me to read Orwell again!  He is a good vaccination against the kind of doublespeak propaganda used by TP that gave us the communists and the Nazis in the 20th century.

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