Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Viral Anti-Vaccination Spin Cycle

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I'm putting this out mainly to keep the links for future reference. One should never be surprised by left wing media spin, but when the spin cycle starts,  it is often amazing -- some examples of past completed ones:

  • after the fall of the USSR, "Democrats expected this, Reagan really slowed the collapse with his warmongering -- hail Gorby!" 
  • After the '95 Newt Congress took huge blame for slowing the growth in medicare, "Clinton balanced the budget" 
  • After "the surge couldn't possibly work", BO declares the war in Iraq won and removes the troops ...
  • After fighting fracking and all drilling on every front and calling for gas over $5, BO hails $2 gas as his doing ... 

This is a list that could go on for pages ... but here we have a slur in it's early stages of creation. Take an issue of the left -- the idea that vaccinations are dangerous and forced on people by evil corporations, like GMO crops. Something that is strongest in liberal conclaves in CA and NY and has been treated as a real issue by both Hillary and BO in the past.

In the real world, NOTHING, not even vaccinations are "risk free". There is an upside and a downside. On vaccinations, the upside is huge relative to the downside, but sort of like if your kid gets killed in a commercial airline accident (VERY low risk), you would still look at flying differently.

The real danger here is the attempt to take a whole bunch of issues -- "Climate Change", "creationism", "vaccination", "contraception", etc and weave them into a noxious stereotypical stew to be slathered on "Republicans" -- it is old stuff, the Dems used to do it to Blacks in the South, Hitler did it to Jews (well, he wasn't the only one, LOTS of people do it to Jews), Chinee do it to Tibetans ...

The only valid case of it is against Vikings Fans ... they actually DESERVE to be stereotyped and discriminated against!

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