Friday, February 13, 2015

Walker's College Records vs BO's

As Scott Walker mulls White House bid, questions linger over college exit - The Washington Post:

Isn't it wonderfully exciting to see a media braced for battle, leaving no stone unturned relative to the 2016 race?

Let's do a minor comparison to 2008 using the internet to take a little look at how these veritable Sherlock Holmes of focused detective work made sure that we knew EVERYTHING about the current cipher that occupies our highest office!

First of all, his name when he went to at least Occidental was BARRY -- not "Barack". That fact is one that is not discussed a whole bunch ...

We suspect that BO went to Occidental College because he said so in his book (although some of that stuff turned out to be "composite")  -- however if you do a google on it, all you get are a few right wing, likely nutty stories about if he went as Barry Obama or Barry Sottero and got foreign student aid. The closest you get to MSM curiosity is this, a debunking of one of the right wing stories, and it proudly tells us that his records are sealed, and will STAY THAT WAY! Not going to be any media pressure or sleuthing as there was to expose W's college records.

Then he went to Columbia ... although those records are not available, and there are aspects of it that would be HIGHLY interesting if he was a Republican. As he is a member in good standing of TP, we find VERY little interest in his time there -- so much so that even a not so wingnut publication with at least SOME level of curiosity did an article lamenting kind of "What the hell?" relative to those years. We do however see some of the MSM working VERY hard to say "nothing here, move along", with a complete lack of curiosity about how someone so self centered to write TWO autobiographies prior to turning 50 would fail to say more than a paragraph about 2 years at a major university.

This could go ad nauseum -- most of what is written in "Dreams" might as well as been "sealed" relative to the interest of the MSM. BO's "Choom Gang" weed buddies, doing "a lot of booze, weed and a little blow, but no smack" arouses not a peep from the MSM and most people have a VERY hard time believing it is written in HIS OWN BOOK even when you point out the page to them -- "like cows at the passing train".

The fact of the matter is that Scott Walker will have to deal with constant scrutiny and charges about things real and imagined every step of the way if he chooses to run, and after election if elected. As we have seen now for at least a quarter century, EVERYTHING about a Republican candidate that could even be IMAGINED to be a negative ( Was Mitt Romney a bully in High School?) will be taken out of context, blown up to the maximum, and will receive extremely strong and leading media coverage "Mr Romney, why did you bully kids in HS? ... oh, and have you stopped beating your wife?" ..

We MUST accept that this is just "the way it is". Anyone that wants to challenge the dominance and power of TP MUST go through massive attacks including those that are completely fabricated -- like Rather's "fake but true" memos if they want to reach the White House. A non-TP candidate needs 3x, 5x, or even more money to attempt to counteract the TP media onslaught that is a fact of life for those that are willing to stand up to the TP juggernaut. Any person willing to run for the presidency as a Republican is an exceedingly courageous person with a strong backbone.

If Hillary runs? Rest assured that outside of Fox and a few other conservative sources, things like Benghazi, Whitewater, Cattle Futures, Don't let anyone tell you that corporations create jobs , will be hard to find except in rebuttal form ... in fact, the number one link on the corporations/jobs one is already an MSM attempt to claim " nothing here"!

This is why any freedom loving person needs to fight TP -- even if they WERE good (which they are not), that much power MUST be fought if free men are to survive!

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