Monday, March 02, 2015

Churchill and Netanyahu Address Congress

Netanyahu will speak before Congress tomorrow -- an event that has some parallel to Churchill's Dec 1941 speech to Congress in that Israel is in the front lines against the forces of Islamic tyranny, surrounded by nations that hate both her and the US. The fail to recognize Israel as a state at all, and often refer to the US as "The Great Satan", for example as quoted in this article covering the use of a sea launched missile against a simulated US aircraft carrier in an exercise.
"The new weapon will have a very decisive role in adding our naval power in confronting threats, particular by the Great Satan, the US,"Admiral Ali Fadavi, Iran’s navy chief, told the Revolutionary Guards' website.
The speech is differed in that as Winston appeared less than a month after Pearl Harbor, and the American public had finally woken up to the danger they were facing from the Axis -- BO and most of the American public today are still in the appeasement phase. One of Churchill's lines in the speech was "the US has released the sword of freedom and cast away the scabbard" ... along with "What kind of people do they think we are?"
Sadly, today, the kind of people we are is in much more doubt than it was in '41 -- but I suspect that the forces of Islam, China, Putin and the left in the US will continue to help us determine that question.

President Obama has not, and will not, release any swords, nor certainly cast away any scabbard. Though Netanyahu will of course focus, as he should, on the details of a possible Iran agreement—the speech will be a moment that points beyond the particulars of an Iran deal. It will be a moment that could cause us to reflect on what kind of people we are, and, with new leadership, what kind of deeds we might once again be capable of
As it will be a moment of vindication for Zionism, the cause to which he and his family have dedicated their lives. In past episodes of Jews’ being consigned by the world to their fate, they were powerless to fight. And so the world (and not a few Jews) became accustomed to Jews’ playing the role of victim. On March 3, something remarkable and historic will happen. The prime minister of Israel, speaking on behalf of not only his country and millions of Jews, but on behalf of the West itself, will command the world’s attention as he declares his refusal to appease the enemies of Israel and the West. Both Jabotinsky and Churchill, both Ben-Gurion and Truman, would appreciate the moment.

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