Wednesday, March 04, 2015

Helping Iran Solve "The Israel Problem"

Democratic Jewish voters inch toward the GOP - The Washington Post:

The idea that Jews are still voting D (TP - The Party)  at like a 70% rate gets more incredible each day. As with the Catholic vote, the Jewish vote seems to be steadily sliding toward R, and one would hope that there is enough rationality in of all people, the Jews, who have been both among the most intellectual and most hated people in history, would realize who is NOT their friend. All can now see that TP is willing to see the Israel burn.

TP and BO certainly made it quite clear yesterday that they are ready  to trade off the Jewish vote for the Black and Hispanic vote, and why not? When your only principle is POWER, which in the current calculus is VOTES -- living, dead, purchased, virtual, illegal (as in immigrant), etc, the calculus of 1.5% of the population being Jewish makes it an easy choice to trade off an increased chance of Israel being nuked for a few percentage points in the polls.

Especially Blacks, and to a lesser degree Hispanics tend toward anti-semitism -- seeing Jews in the traditional prejudice as "upper class money grabbing explointers". Jews have been called out by black leaders like Malcolm X (one of BOs influencers) and Louis Farrakhan as specific targets of violence as the blacks rise up and "claim their just place".  Jews are not popular with the rising constituencies of TP.

TP's education arm increasingly identifies Israel as a "problem" for the US vs a critical ally of freedom in a very totalitarian region. "The Israel problem" is the new synonym for "The Jewish Problem" which Hitler worked tirelessly to "solve", and for which the mantle has now been taken up by Iran, seeking a quicker "final solution", on the order of a few seconds given our modern technical advances.

TP and it's docile followers said they needed to be "convinced" to even LISTEN to Netanyahu -- when you turn your head and refuse to listen, you are taking a very basic dehumanizing action, a refusal to acknowledge the person or position. In this case, the leader of the state of Israel.

Let's be clear, TP did not, and does not have any interest in "being convinced". They have looked at their polling in the US, and they are ready to see the mushroom clouds over Jerusalem and Tel Aviv -- the LAST thing they want to do is accord Jews and Jewish leaders anything like basic humanity, let alone even the minimal recognition it takes to listen to a speech. Some of them may feel bad when the 8 million current residents of Israel cease to exist. (don't worry, TP won't blame themselves, they never do!)

When you have made the calculus in your soul that Israel is "too expensive" to stand by, it is best to objectify the residents as "not really people" and claim "they brought it on themselves".  The behavior and reactions to Netanyahu's speech yesterday make it completely clear that TP in the US is now taking that stand -- reminiscent of the 30's in Germany, only "modernized". Iran intends to make it very quick this time.

TP is just waiting for the mushroom puff of smoke, after which they will no doubt send their unfelt condolences. Power demands sacrifices.

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