Thursday, March 05, 2015

Petraeus vs Sandy Berger

A double standard on government secrets for David Petraeus - LA Times:

I had to chuckle as the LA Times got concerned because David Petraeus is "getting off easy" in their book for letting his lover / biographer look at some secret documents.

My memory is too damned good-- and having a blog and a search engine makes it all too easy.

Back in '06 I linked this little gem on Sandy Berger, seems that "good old Sandy" as Slick Willie commented took documents out of restricted areas hidden in his pants and then hid them under a construction trailer.

Naturally, even though reported in the MSM, Sandy being a member of TP in VERY good standing ... and most likely covering up for the Clintons, received NO PUNISHMENT!!!

Ah yes, such concern for "double standards"!

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