Thursday, March 05, 2015, Git Yer Mind Right!

Clinton’s E-Mail Built for Privacy Though Not Security - Bloomberg Business:

We now know that Hillary set up her own private e-mail server to avoid the problem that Lois Lerner and many other criminals have had. A commercial server, or a server at a workplace that follows the rules and usually LAWS about e-mail retention keeps copies of emails that you delete.

Anyone remotely familiar with the Lois Lerner claims at the IRS knew that her "hard drive breaking" would not wipe out her e-mail record. It didn't -- they took a couple years now no doubt hiding evidence, but at least some of the e-mails documenting the IRS being used as a weapon against might still be found -- not that anyone really cares, we live in a one party ruled system where the the dominant party TP (The Party -D) operates with complete impunity.

The case of the Clintons shows the vast power of TP in the US. Here we have a couple that was down to their last few million at the time they left the White House and have managed to pull in 100's of millions of dollars based on their power connections and ability to influence the flow of $$$ and favors from the US government. Their personal wealth is in excess of $55 million, and many indicate when trusts and other off shore assets are evaluated, it is much higher. Guess what, nobody is checking!

Envy is a natural human emotion, how is it that the Clintons and others in TP avoid the emotion coming out against them?

The old old trick of despots is the same as is used by magicians and pickpockets -- LOOK OVER THERE!!!  ... at THEM !!! ... you know. The Jews. The "malefactors of great wealth". The "Robber Barons". The CEOS! The Koch Brothers!

FDR, LBJ and JFK are all listed in the top 10 list of wealthy Presidents as well -- but you likely think of the Bushes, or possibly even Reagan as being more wealthy. (they don't make the list). Don't feel bad, misdirection still works! If the magicians assistant is attractive enough and dressed scantily enough they could likely construct a pyramid on stage with payloaders and cranes in plain sight, and the men in the audience would say "wow, where did that come from!".

The level of manipulation of the "average American" by TP at this point is great enough that it is questionable if there are any real limits left in the ability of the TP leaders to bilk wealth for themselves and their cronies from the nation, demonize and destroy people and groups that they see as competitive to their hegemony using the power of the government, and a BO innovation, bypass the checks and balances of government via executive power to capture new illegal voters (Mexican immigrants) and set new policies to control the Internet in the way in which TP desires.

As TP becomes more and more above the law, those of us that want to resist it's power become ever more in danger running afoul of "laws", "rules", or "investigations" designed to "get our minds right".

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