Wednesday, March 04, 2015

What TP Doesn't Like About Hillary -- We Have Met the Enemy

Hillary Clinton’s private e-mail address at State reinforces everything people don’t like about her - The Washington Post:

Once you become dominant enough you no longer see yourself as others see you because everyone is YOU! There is no mirror to point out what is obvious about who you are.

However, on occasion, by mistake, no doubt as a result of an emotional reaction, the truth can be stumbled upon as it is here by WaPo -- four things they don't like about HILLARY / Clintons!
  1. The rules don't apply to them
  2. They are surrounded by enablers 
  3. Their always hiding something
  4. They only think about politics 
Thus, by mistake, TP has defined itself in it's own supporting media!

Of course the rules don't apply to them -- campaign finance, use of the IRS against political enemies, large numbers of them showing up as tax cheats every time they try to appoint someone, ... the list is endless. The rules don't apply to TP because they make them, enforce them selectively, and their media arm tells all the compliant not to notice any problems when they break them! 

The media ARE the enablers for TP -- not just Hillary. BO, Biden, Reid and the whole sorry bunch. 

They are hiding a lot of stuff, but they really don't have to worry because of #1 and #2 -- when the "if you like your health insurance you can keep it" lie is exposed or thousands of other lies and cover ups from "lost" IRS e-mails to targeting conservative organizations, the "exposure" is meaningless because of points one and two. 

They only care about politics? DUH! In a TP world, what else is there? EVERYTHING is "politics" -- from the weather to how much water you get to use to flush to your breathing being regulated by the EPA (CO2 is a regulated pollutant now, you breath it out!) ... to the Internet, to every aspect of your lives,  it is ALL POLITICS!!! This reporter has mistaken the TP agenda as only applying to Hillary!! 

(Insert dope slap here!) 

TP has met the enemy and it is them! 

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