Thursday, April 30, 2015

College Encourages Open Exchange of Idea!,38496/?fb_action_ids=817192691708304&fb_action_types=og.shares&fb_source=other_multiline&action_object_map=%5B976691785682500%5D&action_type_map=%5B%22og.shares%22%5D&action_ref_map=%5B%5D

I'm afraid that one is just a little too close to reality for comfort! Ah yes, "a lively exchange of idea" ... each person can freely show their support for the idea! People need more opportunities to share a single homogenous opinion!

Let's start the list ... Anthropogenic (human  caused)  Global Warming (AGW), Gay Marriage, Income Inequality, Abortion, THE BEARS SUCK!

Hmm, well that last one DOES seem like something that we OUGHT to all agree on!

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Republican Senators Seize Ship!

U.S. dispatches destroyer after Iran boards commercial ship - The Washington Post:

Oh wait, it was our close nuclear buddies the Iranians, never mind ... story buried well down in the news. I suppose if the Iranians sent a letter explaining their Constitution, THAT would be big news, right?

The article is an interesting read, for example this:

“At first appearance, it does seem to be provocative behavior, but again we don’t have all the facts yet,” Warren said. 
It was not immediately clear whether the Farragut, which is now in international waters, would enter Iranian waters. 
The incident comes days after U.S. officials sought to de-escalate naval tensions that arose with Iran after the U.S. military sent an aircraft carrier off the coast of Yemen. U.S. officials suspect that Iran has been sending weapons and supplies to Yemen to aid Houthi rebels who are fighting a U.S.-backed coalition of Arab nations.
If you follow only the MSM, your could be forgiven for missing this. Ships being seized are less newsworthy than they used to be.

The news is chock full of how race relations are going swimmingly in Baltimore with a Black Mayor, Black Police Chief and huge majority of Black officers on the force! BO even inspired us all today by calling for a national "soul searching". He failed to say what we were "searching for". Is there a shortage of whites to blame in Baltimore or something?

Meanwhile, things seem to be going about as well in the Persian Gulf with our negotiating partner Iran as they are in Baltimore. At the very least I expect Iran  will nearly match the trustworthiness of BO!

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Baltimore, The Un-Ferguson

Rioting intensifies in Baltimore; liberal narratives among the casualties | Power Line:

We were assured by our Black President and his Black Attorney General as well as the media that the problem in Ferguson was to many racist whites in the Ferguson city government and police department. So Blacks naturally rioted.

BO also assured us that the "Russian Reset" was a brilliant diplomatic move, his administration would  be "transparent",  he would act if a "Red Line" were crossed in Syria, if we liked our health insurance we could keep it and Yemen was an example of how to do "smart foreign policy". Right now he assures us that Iran can be trusted relative to nukes --  believing all that is what it means to be "Ready for Hillary"!

The idea that  Blacks "naturally riot" is what conservatives call racism -- along with the ideas that they "naturally" are all Democrats, talk in a certain way, smoke marijuana, and can't operate in a society without a lot of subsidies and affirmative action. Thomas Sowell, Mia Love, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and a host of other Blacks prove that such stereotypes are far from destiny.

The mayor and police chief of Baltimore are black, and whites are a minority in the police force.

Blacks in any major city in the US are a Democrat managed "community" that are stage managed by a set of Democrat government officials including social workers, church leaders, community organizers, NAACP, and usually a number of elected officials since their communities are specifically gerrymandered to be democrat strongholds.

A lot of what passes for "black behavior" in the US is a result of this management -- which creates a "black lifestyle" that has one major positive aspect if you are a Democrat -- a guaranteed large voting bloc, but a series of negatives -- crime, poverty, broken homes, rioting, etc that go with it.

When a "trigger" happens, the black community erupts in riots, it's the "tradition". Note that similar things happen in other "communities" ... eg French car burning, or US college campuses after sports victories.

Humans have well documented tendencies of "mob behavior" built in as a species -- the bedlam of a huge sporting event or political rally brings it out as do "riots". The fact that the Democrat management of the black community is linked to "entitlement" which is an easy step to "taking stuff that I really deserve" promotes the higher crime rate in black communities and creates the fact that black riots involve looting, where college campus riots generally do not.

This is easy to understand, but since understanding it would make more people question the wisdom and morality of purposely managing the black population of this country as a captive voting bloc, the MSM nor the government is going to state the obvious.

Our peril as a nation is greatly magnified by the fact that our public schools and universities increasingly suppress critical thinking as part of their indoctrination -- going so far as to not invite any speakers nor certainly allow any professors that are not 100% aligned with "progressive" dogma on income distribution, climate, race, gender, GLBT, being anti-Christian, and a host of other positions.

The small number of people able to think critically and independently is frightening low.

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Monday, April 27, 2015

Jenner, Last Taboo

Bruce Jenner said he’s a Republican. Only 21 percent of LGBT Americans are. - The Washington Post:

The left of the nation was shocked on the 20/20 interview last week when Bruce Jenner came out as a ....  GASP! Republican!

This article mentions that "ONLY" 21% of LGBT (and who knows what other letters we ought add to that soon!) are Republican.

First of all, effeminate men, gay men, cross dressing men, all of the same in reverse for women are old news. Deviancy is nothing new for mankind. That is no surprise, or really of any interest to conservatives. "There nothing new under the sun". It is very hard to be a sexual deviant these days (like what DO you need to do to actually be a "deviant"?) , but it is certainly EASY to be a thought deviant -- just come out as Republican!

The left is ALL about "diversity" or even just deviancy based on race, sex, "gender" (when they admit it exists), acting out, profanity, "art", etc. What they are AGAINST -- and they show their colors here, is diversity of THOUGHT! Animals have sex organs, animals have different coloration, animals have violent or non-violent interactions. What they DON'T have is THOUGHT -- the left is OK with but ONE kind of thought, left wing thought. Any other kind is "shocking, radical, regressive, racist, reactionary, etc" -- BAD. That the left can't stand is any thought that is not in lock step with their dogma!

So they accidentally show their true colors when they get surprised. The right will tell you that they disprove of your actions on occasion, but they are actually FAR less inclined to try to control what you THINK than the left.  You may well get AIDs or a host of other sexually transmitted diseases if you engage in gay sex, but you get no disease by being attracted to the same sex. It is action that matters -- it is in the same approach as "guns don't kill, people do" -- it isn't the inanimate object or even the impulse that does harm (or in some cases good) -- it is the ACTION.

The left likes to outlaw objects, suppress speech in the case of Conservative or Christian ideas, or in some cases simply shame you into at least giving lip service to their point of view. For someone like Bruce Jenner to not follow their dogma, or AT LEAST give it lip service on TV just really pisses them off!

"Only 21%"? Of GLBT? What percentage of the population is LGBT? Kinsey tried to make it out to be 10% -- it looks like the real total is more like < 5% and could be quite a bit less than that.

So well under 10% of Blacks identify as Republican -- more like 5%, or maybe about the same as the total GLBT population relative to the general population.

What does this mean? Possibly nothing -- there may well be no causality here at all, only correlation, statistics are like that.

The left has more work to do in order to get the GLBT population where it "should be" relative to political party? One would assume they believe that the WHOLE population ought to be there  at the 95%+ D -- no diversity of thought at all.

It is certainly the mark of a civilization WAY past it's prime when something as trivial as an aging male sports star deciding to "go woman" gets any level of interest at all. It looks though that we are FAR down the road to where being a Republican is the last remaining taboo.

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Friday, April 24, 2015

The Tudors of the Ozarks

Will the Clinton-Cash Scandal Doom the Hillary’s White House Bid? | National Review Online:

The Clintons are like the Tudors of the Ozarks. They believe they are royalty, but they also understand that even monarchs need friends. The Clinton Foundation is the perfect vehicle for their ambition. Like the medieval Catholic Church, it blurs the lines between ideals and interests. On the one hand, it does yeoman’s work in the Church of Liberal Dogoodery, but it also provides a conduit for business interests, foreign governments, academics, activists, and journalists to gain access to the imperial court-in-waiting.

We all need and always have operating mental models, "narratives" about most everything that happens to us. Often we don't even know it. We have our political biases, tastes, liked and not liked people, places and things, sources of information and "feelings" about how things are, aren't, should and shouldn't be.

I liked the designation of Ozarkian royalty for the Clintons in the article as well as the model of the medieval Catholic Church for much of modern liberalism. Liberalism claims to be the TRUE nostrum for the masses, but somehow it is a "big church" -- it finds room for lots of wealth, graft, international bribery and kickbacks and LOTS of indulgences and forgiven sins for at least it's leadership. In fact, the Clintons vaulted from being "broke when they left the White House" (it must be true, Hillary said it) to being worth around $100 million today with just a few scraps from the left wing franchise.

In reading about the Clintons, it helps to try to understand how the leftist mind looks at them. Here you have two people that in the period since 2000 created no product or idea, did not entertain or display some great skill like that in sporting or art, nor invested or accomplished any other act that one would associate with amassing wealth, yet amassed a fortune of over $100 million and spent much more than that.

Do we really need a book such as the one discussed in the article to understand where that money came from? Don't we all know that it was transferred to them for influence, protection, favors and such? What could possibly be more obvious than that?

The interesting part to me is that unless this is really the start of some NY Times coup as the article hints at, nobody on the left really cares. In fact, I think they kind of enjoy it. My view is that this is a standard NY Times inoculation -- "they reported it", so at a minimum it is "old news". We can expect variations and combinations on the following to follow:

1). The author of the book will have done "something wrong" -- the form makes little difference. "Took money from the Koch brothers", "Published something in the past that may be untrue", "treated his ex-wife, girlfriend, dog, parakeet, etc badly" ... something.

2). SOMETHING in the book will be "wrong" -- ergo EVERYTHING in the book is wrong!

3). Since the information in the book is reported and "nothing happened", that means that "there is nothing important here" -- no story, move along.

#3 is the obvious -- we see it in great frequency with people from the left, from Whitewater, cattle futures, Travelgate, Monica, etc in the old Clinton universe to Gun Runner, IRS, Benghazi, NSA, various lost e-mails, etc today. "It was reported, nothing came of it, so move along"

If you listen to NPR, you will still get some rapt reporting on Watergate, Iran-Contra, WMDs, etc -- even W National Guard and Cheney shooting his buddy hunting. Those were all REAL -- the kind of thing that even if they did have some level of effect, OUGHT to have had WAY more! Those were hunts for REAL "bad guys doing bad things", the glory of which needs to be told and re-told around the media campfire again and again and savored!

But to the left, so their own Clintonian Royalty made over $100 million off kickbacks and favors? Whey ever would anyone be so small minded to begrudge such greatness such a small pittance? Can we talk about how W got away with being a less than stellar fighter pilot again?

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Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Your Raisins Or Your Life

Review & Outlook: Raisins in the Sun - WSJ:

The US has a "raisin reserve" -- also avocados, kiwis, apricots and who knows what else. It goes back to the 30's -- the time before last when we slipped steeply socialist (the last was the '60s). Now is the age of BO socialism -- BOcare being the biggest slide.

The article is well worth a read, the summary is that a couple in CA decided since they sold their raisins direct, they were not subject to seizure of part of their crop by the feds. The Feds disagreed, and now the case is going to the SCOTUS -- but it is obvious the Feds got worried while they were looking at this, so they tried to pull some legal shenanigans to keep their "raisin train" and no doubt avocado, apricot, etc gravy trains with positions, kickbacks, conferences, etc intact.

If it wasn't so damned sad and disgusting, it would be funny.
As Justice Antonin Scalia put it, so it's "your raisins or your life, right? . . . you don't have to pay the penalty if you give us the raisins." No, Mr. Palmore explained. "They have to give the raisins . . . It's not a choice." Which is why the Justices should find these takings to be unconstitutional.
Here! Here!

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Carriers, Treason, Frameworks, Opportunity

Pentagon: US Warships Preserving ‘Options’ in Yemen Crisis:

The Iranians have a task forced heading toward Yemen and now we have a carrier task force heading to shadow them -- for some reason we don't seem to really think Iran's intentions align that well with our own. Strange.

Let's see, in March our nation was all up in arms because 47 Senators sent a letter to Iran informing them of how our Constitution dealt with "agreements" that were not approved by the Senate. It was BIG NEWS!

Now our "partners" in this "framework" (never mind that they have publicly repudiated the agreement) have decided to move warships toward what was once trumpeted by BO as "a model of successful BO foreign policy"! ...."successful" and BO just don't seem to go together.

My, aren't we all getting along swimmingly! How exactly might we compare the "potential repercussions" of a NOTE vs dueling task forces off Yemen? Where is the media concern? Is anyone talking "treason"? Diplomatic disaster? Does our vaunted lefty media even have a CLUE what to say? My guess is they are just waiting for BO to put some words in their mouths like the sock puppets they are.

In the meantime can't we just talk about a boat capsizing? Some death in police custody in Baltimore? The weather? ANYTHING! My my how different dueling warships are in import from a note signed by some Senators!

We seem to have arrived at a very similar point to where we were in like '79 when I thought that the USSR would have been well served strategically to lob a couple of nukes into the US or Europe and demand surrender. My belief is that Jimmuh would have gone for it -- "Better Red Than Dead" you know!

So we know that Iran would like to sink a carrier. Are they ever going to have a better opportunity than now? It is hard for me to imagine BO even getting as excited about it as he did the 47 Senator note. The "red line" for Syria is about as wee-weed up as his royal suckulence seems to get over anyone but Republicans  -- and he had to beg Vlad to bail him out on that.

One hopes we skate again, but if the Iranians want to make a statement, this is the best moment of opportunity they have had to give the "Great Satan" a real sucker punch -- and Vlad would be happy to see it happen!

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Of Minions and Servility

The Age of Minions | National Review Online:

I'm developing a little envy of Kevin Williamson's writing -- I know envy is sin, but he is good and I'm human.

I like this particular article mostly for entertainment --  Begala is an easy target for the minion label. He has that shifty weasel look that screams minion. I'm convinced that everyone in the Clinton Crime Family had to commit at least one felony to be accepted -- I'm guessing that Begala stole money from his blind Grandmother.

It is worth reading the whole thing for entertainment value --- by favorite zinger was this:

Some men are born servile, some achieve servility, and some have servility thrust upon them. There is something rank and defective in some men’s souls that simply needs to abase itself — not before God, or Nietzsche’s Abyss, or the Stoics’ clockwork universe, but before ordinary mortal men and women who might, had things turned out only a little differently, manage a Chipotle rather than use one as a stage for political theater.
Sadly, humor always has to rest on truth to have any bite, and I fear the article points to a monstrous truth. The reason that this is "The Age of Minions" here is because this is NOT America -- you remember it don't you? "The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE"!

Minions are neither free or brave, and those that willing accept that sort of drivel that seeps out of their mouths are not free or brave either. They are servile. America is over 50% servile.

Over 50% of our population now draws a "significant part of their living" from government! Sure, we  may have paid into FICA, Medicare, etc but the fact is that we paid in knowing that it was a corrupt program. We knew the money was being spent in lieu of what ought to have been higher taxes or debt, but we still voted the people running the program in over and over and made it "the third rail".

W courageously tried to touch that rail by converting part of the program into ACTUAL investment, but was soundly beaten. My belief is that a lot of the the opprobrium he reaped was actually due to that sin against all our corruption -- Iraq and Katrina were just excuses to help keep our national Ponzi Scheme rolling a bit longer.

FICA is the apple by which socialism has corrupted the very core of what was once America. Even people that believe they are "patriotic Americans" will howl "It is MY money, **I** paid it in, how DARE THEY claim that it is broke!!!!".

This is very simple. Freedom requires that enough people are reality based to keep the country free. Freedom requires that Government be LIMITED! It requires a majority of people over at least the long run to be willing to seek the truth of reality rather than allow themselves to be bribed by their own politicians with the blood and treasure of their offspring.

FICA is a bedtime fairy tale founded on the idea that at least half of the people pay into a big kitty and die before they collect -- age 62 was the average age of death for a man when FDR set up his scheme. Everyone likes to believe they are an above average driver, will live longer than the average age, and are certainly a bit smarter than average!

Government being as naturally corrupt as government is, they decided "Why bother to have any trust fund at all? We will just spend the money and future generations will have to pay it! We will buy today's votes on the backs of future generations!"

As long as the population and the economy were growing, this scheme looked like it could just keep going on forever, and in the 60's, the Democrats gave it a "kicker" -- they would sweeten the pie in the sky by and by pot with medical care as well!

We ABSOLUTELY KNOW that FICA and Medicare as well as US debt have crossed the rubicon from crisis to disaster. Why? Because nobody is talking about them -- the US is now like the Titanic after it hit the ice berg, but before it developed a very serious list. Go scan the internet -- articles about the financial state of the US Government are RARE! Perhaps one should look at the report from the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds

Neither Medicare nor Social Security can sustain projected long-run program costs in full under currently scheduled financing, and legislative changes are necessary to avoid disruptive consequences for beneficiaries and taxpayers. If lawmakers take action sooner rather than later, more options and more time will be available to phase in changes so that the public has adequate time to prepare. Earlier action will also help elected officials minimize adverse impacts on vulnerable populations, including lower-income workers and people already dependent on program benefits.
That is just the summary ... it gets worse when one delves into it a bit. The SHORT TERM situation is really bad too -- like some benefits start not going out in 2016 !!

Let me explain the yellow a bit. Following the Titanic analogy, NOW is a great time to start getting some of the folks on the lower decks into some lifeboats! This puppy is GOING DOWN!

But let's face it, the percentage of people willing to face this fact is low -- so, for those of you who are, God, Guns, Gold, Gardens ... and maybe a place next to a lake in significantly out of the way fly-over country. It is going to get MUCH worse before there is any hope of improvement.

We have people like BO, Begala, Hillary -- the Williamson article christens her "Herself", very fitting, although I still kind of like "Hildebeast" which came from Michelle Obama's staff,  because we richly deserve them. As a nation, we would like to look at ANYTHING rather than the fix we are in -- Global Warming, the tiny number of incidents of white police shooting blacks, imaginary pay gaps for women, the Apple Watch ... ANYTHING!

It remains to be seen if any Republican is going to be willing to run on the TRUTH. I doubt it, and it is almost certainly a losing strategy anyway. HOWEVER, in my book it needs to be out there -- like Churchill crying in the wilderness in the 30's. Because when our situation becomes impossible to ignore, there will be millions of shell shocked people running around yelling "nobody told us"!!

That in itself is proof we are no longer free people -- free people SEEK THE TRUTH! But given that we are where we are, hopefully somebody will tell the servile masses just how bad the situation is, because that is one more way to be ready to pick up the pieces after the disaster.

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Monday, April 20, 2015

Lawfare, WI Conservatives Attacked At Home

Wisconsin’s Shame: I Thought It Was a Home Invasion:

The linked article is long, but it is WELL WORTH the read!

I've given to both Scott Walker and WI Club For Growth, so I suppose my home could be next. I'm not sure how well I would do in that scenario -- some chance I'd end up in a body bag, almost no chance I wouldn't be roughed up some.

THIS is what has happened to what used to be America!

Once these things happen and the government officials escape long jail sentences, they WILL happen again! I suspect that odds that they will get those sentences are VERY low, but that is SAD beyond belief! We now live in a country so politicized that the hatred for Scott Walker is enough that people are willing to stand by while their neighbors homes and lives are attacked by the very government that is supposed to serve them as an act of political vengeance!

Speaking both on and off the record, targets reflected on how many layers of Wisconsin government failed their fundamental constitutional duties — the prosecutors who launched the rogue investigations, the judge who gave the abuse judicial sanction, investigators who chose to taunt and intimidate during the raids, and those police who ultimately approved and executed aggressive search tactics on law-abiding, peaceful citizens.
No doubt a "progressive" reading this is CERTAIN that it will not happen to them! I tend to agree -- the odds against some sort of conservative usurpation of power that was equivalent to this is highly unlikely for the foreseeable future -- but anything is possible. Future Mormon and Hispanic Catholic coalition rises to over 50% of the voters and has their way? It IS unlikely -- but I'd ask "progressives" to consider -- What if it was YOUR home being invaded? !! Even if you truly believe that this won't happen to you, is it not pure evil to stand by and allow it to be done to others? How did we slip this far??

What is obvious from the article is that THE RULE OF LAW HAS BROKEN DOWN! If the prosecutors, judges and investigators that did this fail to get LONG jail sentences, then we have to all realize that this is going to happen more and more frequently and on a wider scale until any voices that oppose a single party system operated by unionized government workers have been silenced!

The CORE of this problem is the reality of public employees unionizing -- FDR recognized this danger, but he apparently failed to understand the problem with "progressivism" -- it MUST keep "progressing", there is NEVER "enough"!
"All Government employees should realize that the process of collective bargaining, as usually understood, cannot be transplanted into the public service," ... "It has its distinct and insurmountable limitations when applied to public personnel management."
"The very nature and purposes of Government make it impossible for administrative officials to represent fully or to bind the employer in mutual discussions with Government employee organizations,"
"The employer, is the whole people, who speak by means of laws enacted by their representatives in Congress. Accordingly, administrative officials and employees alike are governed and guided, and in many instances restricted, by laws which establish policies, procedures, or rules in personnel matters."
If the government can't be trusted to provide fair working conditions and wages for it's OWN employees without them needing to resort to a strike and collective bargaining, how could it possibly be trusted to administer the laws of the land, control commerce, trade, assistance to the poor, elderly, how much water your toilet flushes, declare the CO2 you breath out an environmental poison controlled by the EPA, etc, etc? In FDRs view, the Government was the "ultimate good" -- how could it possibly be OK for it's own employees to strike?

But the temptations of vast amounts of campaign contributions to be funneled into the Democrat party, along with a strong national organization that linked federal, state and local government workers into one giant voting and political action block was just too great to be ignored, so the monolithic AFSCME union was created.

Legal corruption on a massive scale -- the prosecutors, judges, investigators and the street cops that kicked in the conservatives doors were either members of the union itself, or typically had family members that were. Walker took on a legalized MOB -- the State version of "The Godfather"!

Reagan said it best, "When government is not limited, man is not free"!

Take the time to read through the linked article. THIS is what those of us that have a tiny vestige of independent thought are up against -- and our odds don't look good at all!

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Narrative Fatigue, Good Men Do Nothing

Judith Miller Recants; Where's the Media? | RealClearPolitics:

Burke famously said that "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

When we hear that, we tend to think in terms of good people standing by in Nazi Germany while millions of Jews were killed, or maybe the attack on the street of some vulnerable person while a crowd does nothing.

Unfortunately, it usually doesn't happen like that, and the reason is that the good people have simply been worn down by the banality of evil -- the day by day drumbeat of the media, the dominant party, and the educational system. Eventually, the people that need to put the brakes on the inexorable rise of government power just get beaten down and say; "I've HAD IT!"

And then the left has won.

I've written WAY more than I remotely care about on the whole Fitzgerald as Special Prosecutor, Valeria Plame, Joe Wilson, etc. -- the topic is maddening, arcane, surrealistic and depressing.

Here was how the media reacted when BO outed an ACTUAL undercover CIA agent (hint, they didn't care)

Here was a deeper discussion on how perjury is used in many cases and Clinton gives the false impression in the public mind that it isn't a big deal.

Here was some background on how we knew the whole thing was some sort of a setup by State -- there was NO NDA for Joe Wison!

There have been other mentions, but the bottom line covered in the linked article is that it appears that not even the perjury charge that Fitzgerald eventually made stick against Libby was actually legitimate -- THE WHOLE DAMNED THING WAS A LIE!

But then, to not realize that is to grossly underestimate the power of the left and it's control of the media.
Given that Fitzgerald’s three-and-a-half year-long investigation and prosecution of Libby riveted the nation’s capital and generated vast news coverage implying, when not outright declaring, that the Bush administration lied the nation into war, one might think that recantation of testimony by a pivotal prosecution witness would command attention and excite controversy.
Just imagine how the MSM would be howling if BO had been under a special prosecutor investigation for ANY of or each ---  Gun Runner, IRS targeting conservative groups, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton destroying e-mails, or a long list of others certainly more serious than the ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which was the surrealistic Plame affair. It would be easy to argue that each of the BO scandals is more serious than Watergate -- nobody died in Watergate, as they did in Gun Runner and Benghazi, and the separation of powers and destruction of evidence issues were far less in Watergate than in IRS and the Hillary e-mails.

But to even think along those lines is to completely miss the power of the left - D - media connection and how they operate in lock step! The PURPOSE of the Fitzgerald investigation was to cement the false narrative of "Bush lied, people died". There is no reason for any Special Prosecutors now, BO IS A DEMOCRAT!

People that had independent brains at the time knew that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Colin Powell, British Intelligence, the UN, and EVERYONE knew that Saddam had WMD, had used them, and was constantly working to get more! Now we have even FOUND THEM ... as reported by the NY Times no less, so it MUST be true!

The key to fooling the masses is MISDIRECTION.

Make up a story about "Bush lied". Then assert that "he even lied in his STOTU address about yellowcake".  THEN, have a big investigation about how the evil Dick Cheney "outed" a poor little covert spy named Valerie Plame (the damsel in distress) -- why? Well to cover up the "lies", the idea of which was created by the D - MSM connection in the first place!

In "the media end", Scooter Libby was CONVICTED -- meaning that the ENTIRE BUSH LIED STORY IS TRUE! It is a variation on the old "A man accused of killing 3 men and a dog promptly produces the dog alive!" The actual "charge" was perjury -- easily explained by faulty memory. Like "the dog alive" saying NOTHING about the deaths of the 3 men, the Libby conviction for perjury said NOTHING about the "Bush lied" assertion.

For 80-90-% of the population though the story is long over and they fully believe the MSM / Democrat version. From the POV of the left, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Leftist evil has triumphed -- good people have been either convinced of the lie or beaten down so they finally do what the left demands that all good people do -- SHUT UP!

... and that is why the masses stand staring blankly as the next victims of the state march off to the gas chamber.

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Islamists Keep Rolling

The advance of Islam in the world, accompanied by  violence against Christians steadily increases, but with less and less MSM reporting. We have been told what to think. Islam is "the religion of peace". If there is any violence it is easy to explain because of "the crusades" -- or maybe "George Bush".

In any case, there is no story here --- ignore the rapes, the beheadings, the bombings.

Remember when not having a good enough plan to deal with what happened after you deposed a leader was a major news story? I think the line was "if you break it, it's yours"!  .... Libya, Gadaffi? .... Never Mind!

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Incompetence, Against Our Nature

Donald Rumsfeld  once made an astute observation once that included the phrases "known unknowns, and unknown unknowns" ... the whole quote bears repeating.
There are known knowns. These are things we know that we know. There are known unknowns. That is to say, there are things that we know we don't know. But there are also unknown unknowns. There are things we don't know we don't know.
Naturally, the press found the whole discussion to be another "proof" of Rumsfeld's stupidity and ignorance. This article gives a good insight into the  basic science behind why they would react that way. (note, it isn't because they were correct in any way)

What the article covers is that when we are incompetent, we generally are not aware of it, and the more incompetent we are, the more our general tendency is to radically over-estimate our competence even when faced with evidence of our incompetence. To know and accept "unknown unknowns" is on the path to wisdom ... a path we are not wired to walk.

With a moments thought, the fact of our general incompetence is completely obvious. Let's name a few fields -- engineering, medicine, economics, plumbing, electrician, pilot, florist, motorcycle racer, farming and  bar tender.

We could go on for pages -- listing specialties, etc, but the above list ought to be enough to convince the non-politicians among us that we are grossly incompetent in more than at best a few listed, BUT, the article tells us we almost certainly VASTLY overrate our expertise in the ones we are least competent in! It's called "human nature" -- what we DON'T know VASTLY exceeds what we do know.

Rather than running around fully conscious of this massive inadequacy, we simply kid ourselves. Why feel like a total dunce just because you ARE a total dunce. Right? We LIKE to feel good -- so we lie to ourselves! It is something that humans EXCEL at. We are basically all certain that we are above average drivers -- which rationally makes no sense at all, but we ARE NOT rational! We are RATIONALIZING!

I poked fun at politicians above, but it applies equally well to media people, in general to managers and any sort of "leader".  NOTE, I'm NOT saying that we don't need leader types, nor that many of us don't need to assume those positions at times, only that like anything else that humans do, leadership / authority is strongly adversely affected by our basic natures.

BO more than once commented that he was better at any job that those that work for him.
“I think that I’m a better speechwriter than my speechwriters,” Mr. Obama told Patrick Gaspard, his political director, at the start of the 2008 campaign, according to The New Yorker. “I know more about policies on any particular issue than my policy directors. And I’ll tell you right now that I’m going to think I’m a better political director than my political director.”
BO is an especially egregious case, but we ALL have this basic problem, and it gets WORSE as people rise in power / leadership. Almost certainly you have hired contractors that you felt you "could have done as good or better a job as". My advice is to sheet rock, tape and paint a room yourself -- take your time, do the best job you can! To do it right, you need to live with that room a few years -- get to know the flaws. Remember how hard you worked to get it right.

Then, ideally, hire a set of Spanish speaking illegals to show up and sheet rock, tape/mud a much more complicated room. WATCH THEM ... and keep track of the time, then look at the finished job. After you get done crying, you ought to be significantly smarter about your incompetence! But it STILL will not be your nature -- that is wired in. It can't be fully fixed by mere experience.

The big civilization killing problem is that we end up with leaders like BO that have NO CLUE about their incompetence, and they are reported on by reporters who are just as blind!!!

Our founders understood this. They assumed a people that recognized God and thus had at least the base for wisdom. They provided a Constitution and separation to limit the damage that guaranteed incompetent leadership (there is no other kind, we use humans!) could cause. They tried very hard to protect us!

The senselessness of "progressive" thought -- the idea that the latest thought is always the best, as well as the extreme danger of government size and power growing can be easily understood by observing this one easy to understand and easily verifiable fact of our shared nature.

If we were rational beings, we could all agree on this -- but it is against our nature. We got to where we were when we landed on the Moon because well over half of us understood that "The fear of God is the beginning of wisdom".

The scale has tipped the other way -- so now we foolishly decline.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Milwaukee, Brown Lives Don't Matter

Driver Who Hit Toddler Starts Events That Leave 4 Dead - ABC News:

This story didn't get a lot of national attention. Don't expect the race industry to show up here -- no diversity.

The driver of the van was even named Brown. Everyone dead is African American.

The van hitting the toddler was a tragic accident. The ex-con trying to assassinate the driver because he killed one of his nephews, but killing ANOTHER one of his nephews in the process because of his poor marksmanship is a clear artifact of "black culture".

TP ("The Party" - D) decided in the '60s that they would swap the voting block of white folks in the south that they had held since prior to the Civil War for black votes nationally. It was a political genius move if all you care about is politics.

They turned blacks nationally into a TP socialist experiment using welfare to buy votes as the cornerstone.  Socialism worked as it always does -- the black family was destroyed, all forms of crime and especially drug use soared. Detroit was destroyed, with DC, Chicago, LA, Memphis, Atlanta, St Louis, and a number of or cities also becoming centers of violence and hopelessness.

But there isn't a problem with that for TP. Over 90% of those people vote solidly D, and as BO pointed out, the only real issue is that not enough of them get out to vote -- ergo, mandatory voting is a good idea!

Stirring up some racial tension if a white officer happens to shoot a black is good for TP's game plan -- THAT gets a LOT of attention! Blacks shooting each other in the streets by the thousands? Who cares? Certainly not BO, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or the media! They consider those lives "collateral damage for the greater good" .... to the very slight extent they consider those lives at all.

Losing a country to socialism has a lot of collateral damage.
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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Death, The Victory of the Left

The Death of the Left:

The whole thing is an instructive read, but I found this to summarize it pretty well:
The left is at its best when it’s trying to take power. It unleashes its egocentric creative impulses, it writes poems, plays and songs as its heroes die in doomed battles or pump their fists at protests. And then they win, get rich and fat, the people grow poor and the country becomes a miserable dictatorship. Try putting a 300 pound Che on a t-shirt. Or get inspired by Obama lazily playing golf.

A successful leftist revolution quickly becomes indistinguishable from an ordinary oligarchy. Millions may die, but decades later all that’s left is a vast pointless bureaucracy that runs on family connections, an ideology no one understands anymore and an impoverished population ripe for outside exploitation.
For the religious or those that read the classics, this is simple. There is God (transcendence) -- the creative force, order, growth, honor, truth, wisdom.

Then there is the Devil -- the destructive force, chaos, death, dishonor, lies, foolishness.

God is RIGHT, the Devil is LEFT-- that is that, there are really no issues, it is just a simple matter of choice.

Now the leftists -- and Lucifer most of all, will often ask "why can't we all just get along?" "Let's find a middle ground ... a third way ... maybe we could just divide by 666?" ... Sure, let's make a compromise with evil. On the left, they think that is a GOOD idea!

Lucifer is ALL about "compromise". Did he REALLY say "you will surely die?" ... that seems awfully harsh, he CAN'T have meant THAT!

Europe chose death and so did we. God still and always can provide hope and redemption, but at this point it looks like we will see a lot more  corruption  before anyone thinks of redemption. First we just "compromised",  now we are all in.

The whole article is worth the time -- somehow the image of selling our few remaining children to peodophiles for the price of a "Happy Meal" is an epitaph for the road we chose that seems beyond fitting.

One little last quote from the article ... 
What stakes are to a vampire, victory is to the left. The left gains its creative energies from fighting against authority. Its entire reason for existing is to resist. In triumph, its writers become prostitutes for authority, its heroes become tyrants and its myths die on propaganda posters dissolving in the gutter.
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Republican Hillary?

So when you are a "progressive" it is understood that lying in the service of your "vision" -- a heaven on earth where government runs everything, is acceptable ... even desirable. BO said he was against gay "marriage" in '08, but the "progressives" knew he was lying, so it was OK. So that likely explains Hillary as well for them.

Is it the same with the Iraq war? BO wasn't in the Senate yet, but he SAID that he WOULD have voted against it. Gee, that is an easy stand, right? So do "progressives" assume that Hillary voted that way because she assumed it would be a good political move? Her evidence would have been that some of the D's who voted against the first Gulf War later discovered was an expensive vote politically.

Once truth is not a significant value to a person, it becomes hard  to understand their thinking. As nearly as I can tell, neither the people of the left, nor their leadership are concerned by any level of lying as long as it is on their own side.

"Consistency" is not a virtue of the left.  Since "the latest knowledge is the best", the fact that many of their leaders positions "evolve" is seen as a positive, and makes the whole concept of a "lie" very hard to even identify except as a concept to be used against an opponent.

The "known leftist fact" was that "W lied, people died" (leftist "truths" are often slogans) when W, Hillary, Bill Clinton, Al Gore, Tony Blair, the UN, etc, etc all thought that Iraq had WMDs. We later at least thought we learned they didn't when we invaded, but it was a "lie" for W because he is not a liberal. It turns out Iraq did have WMD, but apparently not in the exact quantities or  forms that those on the left approved of.

Had W been a liberal, his position would just have "evolved" with later information  -- like BO's position on deficits, gay "marriage", or "If you like your health insurance you can keep it". No doubit Hillary's position on Iraq "evolved", like her gay "marriage" position and that is fine with the left.

But what about "the 1%"? Well, like most everything on the left, that is ideological. Kerry was worth $800 million at the time he ran and that was not an issue. Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, George Soros, the Hollywood elite, the financial mavens on Wall Street that were BO's leading contributors in '08, etc, etc are all filthy rich and it is just fine. When you are on the left, the ONLY thing that matters is ideology!

Which brings us to the "harassment of women". The fact is that if you are powerful enough and of the leftist ideology, you have carte blanche for pretty much any sin (see Teddy Kennedy drowning his secretary). So forget that.

A person of conservative thought -- who believes that facts matter, truth matters, consistency matters, and a whole lot of other strange fairy tales that the left has no use for, looks at a poster like that included and shakes their heads in marvel at how a left leaning person could possibly vote for Hillary.

It's easy -- she is the anointed candidate of the left!  That is ALL that counts for something like 50% of Americans, including 95%+ of the government union workers plus similar percentages of the media and academia.

For half or better of voters in what used to be America, this is how things work. Get used to it! We can expect it to go A LOT farther!

Resets, Red Lines, Rhetoric

Another red line done gone | Power Line:

Russia is going to deliver S-300 surface to air missiles  to Iran, thus making a military option to prevent Iran from getting the bomb more expensive, if not off the table entirely.

As the article covers, the BO administration once convinced Russia that these missiles were a "red line" -- something they trumpeted as a fruit of their "Russian Reset", supposedly one of the early examples of the brilliance of Hillary as Secretary of State.

So much for that.

Ever since our Supreme Odiferous Leader has declared the "Framework" to be identical to a "deal", he has responded to any foolish critics with his favorite argument -- SHUT UP!

The Supreme Leader of Iran however seems to have a completely different view of the "framework" -- or does he? To him, any sanctions need to be removed upon any signing (if not before, see S-300) and all military installations will remain off-limits to inspectors.

The Supreme Leader also regularly says "Death to America", so at least he and BO see eye to eye on that!

I'm not sure what either of them means by "America" -- it must be a land mass. When we were a nation of free men, "shut up" was not an argument, and we had no supreme leader that could unilaterally make agreements with a foreign power without the approval of the Senate.

So much for America.

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Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Loving Progressives, 277 Miles

Readers of this Blog may believe that I'm biased against "Progressives",  but only in the concept of history, definitely NOT in suspension!

I put the Progressive fork setup on the Wing June of 2013 and loved it. I had ordered the rear spring that went with it winter of '14, but it got back ordered so it missed the rear tire replace for the big spring trip last year and I didn't get it installed until after we got back from our Ireland trip this spring. I had really only rode it a short distance since, so didn't have much to say until now. 

A progressive spring is more compliant (soft) than stock at the top of it's range, but is constructed/treated in such a way that the more it is compressed, the firmer it gets. It is like the Incredible Hulk -- the greater the force applied against him, the stronger he gets! (which is why a battle between the Hulk and Superman would be such a cataclysmic event, but I digress).

In the real world, this means that you have an overall better ride, and as the bike is pushed in corners the suspension is firmer. Much like a stainless steel prop on a boat (better hole shot, better top end), the result is a rare engineering WIN WIN!

Anyone that has done any form of engineering knows how rare this is -- the typical situation is TRADE-OFF. You add power but it increases weight and reduces mileage, add speed to a chip but have more heat to dissipate, etc. etc.

Indeed, in both the stainless prop and the progressive spring, the trade-off is still there, it is COST.  My opinion on motorcycle suspension is that the cost is FAR outweighed by the benefit, but as in everything in the real world, THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH! Which is one reason why "progressive" politics fail, but this isn't about politics!

My verdict is that the front suspension change made a far bigger change than the rear in handling, but the rear is maybe of greater import on long rides / rough roads. It REALLY makes the bike ride nice. It perhaps adds another 3-5 MPH of confidence speed in curves as well. Which means that overall it is an upgrade that does tend to put a smile on your face!

My guess on the cornering aspects are that more aggressive riders would see more benefit because of the progressive aspect of the springs -- they push them harder, so they are firmer yet in their perception. Besides, I'm most often limited on my speed in corners primarily by either the speed limit on looser ones, or by how far ahead I can see on tighter ones -- in the moose brain, there is ALWAYS a big piece of farm equipment just beyond my line of sight!

No question I'm on the conservative side of the bell shaped curve of conservative to aggressive cornering, but based on the "catching up with riders vs  being passed" sample, probably very close to the middle. As always!  I'm generally the exact center of all bell shaped curves, although unlike the kids in Lake Woebegone, I'm VERY slightly BELOW average!

It was a superb day to be out for a ride. The roads seem to have all  been cleared of remaining winter sand on the route from Rochester up to Barron and back. My Dad was in a talkative mood, enjoying the "Last Lion: Defender of the Realm" book that I passed on to him and remembering that WWII history that he observed as a young man. His blood pressure kept him from going over, but his two brothers served. I had a nice visit and lunch that lasted a bit over 4 hours, made it back in time for the gun club meeting and still a little fire-pit time with Marla to end the day.

Spring AND "springs" are very nice.

Monday, April 13, 2015

Progressives vs Country Folk

Reading the linked article reminded me of a journey to drop off a car for repair in far Southern MN about 35 years ago. A girl that happened to be a friend (she had already decided Mooses were only appropriate as friends) decided (or maybe he decided) to bring along her new somewhat smallish ( < 6', maybe 150 lbs ... I'm a bad judge of size) boyfriend for the journey. He may have not believed the "just friends thing" -- who knows.

Anyway, he was a raging liberal, back to nature sort who always thought it would be easy to "prove" one point or another to an obviously less intelligent nasty corporate type. He hated corporations, "loved the land" (he thought) -- he tended to  be unemployed a lot and pretty much lived off the aforementioned girl, but he was very sure of his superior intelligence and had a very solid vision of "what people that lived on the land were like" -- in his vision, they were something like a cross between Thoreau, Jefferson and a modern hippie.

Needless to say, he often got so mad around me that his head would come close to exploding. The friend was concerned he might take a swing at me sometime, but I assured her I wouldn't hurt him in the unlikely event his brain attempted to override physics. The trip went about like usual until on the way back the girl needed a restroom, so we pulled into an out in the country tavern.

Naturally, I felt it was a good opportunity for a libation, so the crew headed in. Nice place -- jukebox, some sporting event on, pool table, lots of light beers, good crowd of folks in John Deere, Harley, NASCAR, etc caps, shirts. I struck up some "how are the crops doing around here" sort of conversation with a couple folks, had a brew -- and was by the estimation of "boyfriend" was WAY late for the door. Can't have been over 30 min, I'm pretty sure I held it to one  beer.

When we were in the car and moving the admirer of "those that work the land" EXPLODED --- "I can't stand those kind of IGNORANT HICKS!! They are so stupid and uneducated it makes me sick!!! etc, etc."

I let him unreel for a bit before informing him that he had just met the folks that he thought he admired -- and I'd been in similar places in Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, New Hampshire, Texas, etc, and he had just hit a superb sample of what Americans that work the land are like. I advised him that he needed to come up with a new imaginary group of people to admire -- cuz he had just met his old dream team and found them wanting.

Short bit of half hearted attempted rebuttal followed by uncomfortable silence on his part -- the young lady did have the good sense to ignore prince oblivious poutings and chat amiably the rest of the way back I recall.

Fox news, Talk Radio and the Red State / Blue State divide came well after that night -- "progressives" are at this point pretty much agreed that they hate people like those in the country bar with a passion -- "bitter clingers" was BO's  label for them. They know whom they hate now -- they may have some imaginary reasons like the false reporting on the NRA, but as the article points out, they are certain of their hatred.

Hillary nor 90% of the Democrat party have any interest in those voters -- "fly over country". Hillary needs to scrounge up enough votes to "win" the IA primary against somebody nobody ever heard of if current trends continue. Perhaps she might lose to "anyone else"?

Mostly the divide is so big that the government itself (all union workers), media, education and Democrat party simply loathes the tiny number of people that produce their food, and the now less than 50% that work for a private living rather than be paid off, work for,  or in some way are significantly supported by the government.

From their POV, the trash that works the ground, drives the trucks, attends church most Sundays, has guns, listens to Country Music, etc are beneath contempt -- and probably dangerous. The "Red Staters" clearly "haven't gotten their minds right"! And the "progressives" really want to change that -- SOMEHOW. They have tried to be "reasonable" ... maybe it will take force.

Which means the guns can't be given up under any circumstance. The situation is pretty much exactly like the old MAD (Mutually Assured Destruction) of the nuclear age. As much as the left would love to round up all the guns, the bulk of gun owners MUST make sure the "progressives"  believe that it would be a bloodbath that would exceed the Civil War by at least 10x if not 100x ( 6 million or 60 million casualties).

Those numbers may be too small if the left believes they can win. The combination of Nazi Germany, the USSR and China ran up over 100 million in the 20th century. Statism has no qualms about mass murder -- it is a fact written in the blood of the greatest slaughter in history by far. The big wild card would come down to law enforcement and the military -- the left makes it abundantly clear that they hate those institutions as well. Will the police and soldiers serve the master that hates them to destroy their own families and communities? The last thread of liberty may well hang on that question.

The sad state of affairs is that the most law abiding, God fearing, generous, decent people in the country need to also be 100% clear that they WILL stand their ground on the 2nd Amendment. The Constitution, Separation of Powers, States Rights and Equal Protection are all gone -- the Right to Bear Arms is the last right that still stands. We are no longer a nation of laws -- only the guns are keeping the BOs and Hillarys from completing their progrom now.

Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let's Just Get This Over With

I saw this one and decided that it completely captured the essence of the Hillary campaign -- inevitability, boredom and condescending entitlement.

The Masters was on today and thankfully Jordan Spieth  displayed very little of the pain that you sometimes see from leaders that are dying under the stress -- they want to just get it over with so they can be champions and enjoy the memory.

I will confess to WAY too much of that in my life. CERTAINLY High School and College, pushing to "get this over with" so I could get a real job and MAKE SOME MONEY! Certainly the same relative to some steps up the career ladder and the carrot of retirement hanging out there. Being prone to some significant levels of worry and anxiety, there are also elements of this prior to trips -- I tend to enjoy the memories more than the the anticipation for sure. Too many "what if ...." thoughts intrude.

Although I was somewhat smart enough to see in advance that "let's just get this over with" a poor strategy post-retirement, it still crosses my mind just how wired at least the current American culture seems to be to this forever living in the future. Our Pastor goes a bit nuts on it -- mentioning today that Memorial Day stuff is now out in the stores, followed by the 4th the day after Memorial Day, then Back to School, then Halloween, then  Christmas WELL before Halloween in some stores (Fleet Farm toys come to mind).

Keeping our minds in the present and ENJOYING the moment is obviously the right answer. It is one of the things I like about Rodgers playing QB and always liked about Favre -- he looked like he was having fun out there! Perhaps Spieth might have made 19 under and held the all time Masters record alone rather than sharing it with Tiger had he not started to relax and enjoy his walk up to the 18th green this afternoon. Even if that is true -- which I don't really believe, he still made the right choice.

NRA Bans Concealed Carry at Convention

And other lies ....

You can go read the linked article, but the short scoop is:

-- NYTs reported that NRA baned carry and "loaded guns" at convention.

-- Rand Paul walked off an interview in tiff and shut off the lights on the reporters. 

-- Nancy Reagan endorsed Hillary Clinton

I've seen and heard versions of these reported as "truth" around the the Internet, Facebook, etc the last few days, naturally all are false -- and the linked articles covers the origins, etc.

The point is that the conservative POV needs a vast amount of extra money to even come close to countering this kind of continuing bias -- the biased reporting of things that have some basis in fact is bad enough, but sometimes complete fabrications stick harder in the minds of the low -- or "standard MSM information only" voter more than just slanted reporting on actual issues.

If somebody is anti-gun, it is very easy to see how the level of hypocrisy that would be involved in the NRA banning carry holders from it's convention would leave a mental mark.

If any liberal wanted to have a SLIGHT bit of understanding on how the "other side" feels, they could consider how completely bent out of shape they get over "Faux News" and "Rush Limbaugh" who generally barely cover the news with as much slant as the standard left media does from the others side, let alone typically report completely fabrication as fact. (you can go here to get a perspective on that claim if you like)

Thursday, April 09, 2015

Two Fakes and a Monument

Believe it or not, that was one of the official Easter pictures released on the WH stream.

Does it strike anyone else as a BIT bizarre?

It got no MSM coverage -- I suspect they have no idea what is supposed to be for either.

I'm left with the idea that "the real is blurred and the imaginary is sharp".

Who knows.

Nothing Stays The Same -- Economic Edition

On Secular Stagnation, Ben Bernanke’s Theory Meets Larry Summers’s Evidence - Real Time Economics - WSJ:

I wrote a little on the genesis of this here, but the controversy seems to have been joined.

You maybe should read the whole main link column, I'm sure there is a lot of good stuff in there more than I likely fully comprehend -- I'm just a dumb old country boy.

None of the experts really seem to point out the simple fact that NOTHING stays static -- certainly not on a ball of rock with a molten core spinning on it's axis every 24hrs, going around it's sun ever 365 and 1/4 days, as it's star travels in it's spiral arm around the center of the Milky Way galaxy -- oh I could go on and on, but I don't want  make you suspect that I've forgotten that marijuana isn't legal in Minnesota!

For something with 100's of millions of people linked to billions around the globe like an economy, it REALLY doesn't stay static.

So the economy has two modes, growing or contracting -- and then it has rate of growth or retraction.

I find the core of the article to be this:

There is little dispute that population growth has slowed in both rich and emerging economies. This depresses growth directly by reducing the supply of workers and, indirectly, by depressing investment because a smaller workforce needs less machinery and other equipment. It also depresses demand insofar as retirees consume fewer durable goods, and aging workers save more for retirement. (I suppose one could call this a demand, not supply, side effect.) 
Productivity growth has also slowed in most countries. This is partly the dampening effects of the financial crisis on capital spending. Those will eventually fade. But part of it also reflects less innovation. Firms may be investing less because they see fewer payoffs to new technology. These, and other factors such as education attainment no longer increasing, are advanced by Robert Gordon to explain why growth is so slow now, and likely to remain that way.
So it is either going to grow or shrink and there are TONS of reasons for it to shrink as listed above, and very few for it to grow -- everyone is at least giving lip service to "sustainable growth" which is really another term for "contraction", the populations of a lot of countries are shrinking, they are all getting older, they are mostly trying to work less and get more benefits from the people still working, we are to use LESS ... energy, water, land, ...

If you are dumb enough to try to take some risks in hopes of cashing in on some growing item, most all the governments of the world are on high alert to take a huge percentage of your profits to attempt to provide for those aging unmotivated people that already got the "sustain" message of the current times.

And these guys don't realize why economies are shrinking rather than growing? The value of high level degrees in economics really HAS shrunk!

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Wednesday, April 08, 2015

Let Them Eat Cake, WI Chief Justice Style

Chief Justice Shirley Abrahamson sues over amendment approved by voters : Wsj:

They may call themselves "liberals" and "progressives" and claim to be ALL about "the people", but let the people vote in something they don't like and the royal dander comes up.

I'm  not a great fan of "majority rule" or what it turns into -- the tyranny of the mob, so I'm all for Constitutions that are both hard to change and followed to the letter, as well as things like two Senators from each state, separation of powers and the Electoral College to try to put some brakes on the whims of the masses.

But of course "progressives" claim they are ALL about MAJORITY RULE -- until majority rule affects them negatively, in which case they sue.

I may well like to see the WI Constitution be harder to change,  but it isn't . When you hear a "progressive" tell you how great majority rule is, remember, they are most likely lying as they usually are -- or as they prefer to call it " being situationally ethical".

They are in favor of things that suit them -- you can trust them to be consistently in favor of things that benefit them, otherwise, assume they are untrustworthy.

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Monday, April 06, 2015

Malevolence, I Recognize Your Existence

Special Editorial: Kill the Deal | The Weekly Standard:

The linked article covers a number of aspects that congress ought to consider making prerequisites of any "deal" with Iran. Sure, it would be nice to have the refrain from regularly and publicly calling us the "Great Satan" since we are supposed to be on  on some sort of diplomatic and respectful terms. Not directly sponsoring terrorism around the world might also seem like a reasonable  gesture of good will for someone we are supposed to trust. But the one that really gives on pause is their refusal to RECOGNIZE Israel.

I may very strongly disagree with some of you reading this -- you may have completely different world views, as in being an atheist, or a proponent of vast expansion of coercive state power. You may hold a lot of hatred in your heart for Christians, business people, personal responsibility, gun rights, the Constitution in general, the unborn, etc. You may hate America, anything remotely "conservative" -- the list could go on and on.

But I'm willing to recognize your existence. I don't even consider that to be a matter of any question whatsoever -- to do otherwise seems to be somewhere between extreme malevolence and insanity !

Yet, Iran (and most of the other Arab nations) refuse to recognize the EXISTENCE of Israel -- and they are generally all sworn to annihilate Israel if they have the chance. I find them to be malevolent rather than insane.

Iran of course ALSO has no gay "marriage" issue because they have no gays. Seriously, they don't -- if you are identified in Iran as being gay you are put to death, so they have no gays. They don't recognize gays or Israel -- they deal with gays in the same way they want to deal with Israel, but so far they have not had the means to achieve a "final solution to Israel -- but they have stated that they WILL achieve such a solution.

So there is a very strong desire  in "The Party" -- TP, Democrat, for sanctions against Indiana and an equally strong desire to DROP sanctions against Iran.

The only way this makes sense is if CHRISTIANS and JEWS are who TP really hates, and if gays, blacks, and others are mere pawns to be used to battle the true enemies, Christians and Jews.

The only other explanation that would work is that TP is INSANE ... and I don't buy that one ... malevolence works just fine.

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Irish Fairies, Ulysses and Jonathan Swift

When we booked a round trip from Dublin to Holyhead Wales on a car ferry I never realized that we would be on somewhat famous ships.

Outbound we were on the Jonathan Swift, a fast catamaran ferry that I clocked on my GPS as making 45MPH   ... we made the 75mi trip in under 2 hours.

On the return we were on the Ulysses, the worlds largest ferry at the time she was launched and the subject of an hour long visit on the National Geographic Channel show "Superships".

Both trips were on time, very comfortable, and very clean accommodations/No need to spring for the "Club Class" as we did on the 3 hr Ulysses crossing -- the normal accommodations are very comfortable and the wifi is just as slow (satellite connections  have lots of latency ... bad for surfing!) ... I suspect that any of them are pretty good, but we were happy with Irish Ferries

The Fool, Three Years and Counting

I missed writing April 1 on the actual 3rd anniversary of  my exit from IBM. I did ride motorcycle a bit that day -- over to the health club to work out, then to church to pick up the communion kit, and then to give communion to a shut-in. Much shorter than my 100 mi on the Wing the day I left IBM, and MUCH shorter than my ride from Roswell NM to Taos to Pagosa Springs via scenic 64 and 84 plus a few other nice roads. My ride Wednesday was around town was the Harley -- chilly Wing today, it varies.

The third year brought the purchase of the lake property in IA, the marriage of our eldest son, the completion of the water feature, the purchase of the Harley Ultra, a nice motorcycle trip to Indianola IA to see the balloons, the loss of our nieces husband, and the trip to Ireland and England just over. There were other things -- the Packers loss to Seattle would be nice to forget along with the month of flu / pneumonia from Thanksgiving to New Years.

The winter was the first time I had A FEW feelings of wanting more to do -- that resulted in a little more activity on the book, but I find the self discipline to break away from the routine of writing the blog, working out at the RAC and reading extensively (Churchill was a major push this past year) to be rather easy to fall into. I even watched a BIT more TV for a change -- making it through a season of "Mad Men", and staying almost current with "Better Call Saul"  to give into a bit of peer pressure from friends that like to discuss a bit of TV  -- MAYBE I'll catch up, but the task seems daunting, TV is not very easy for me.

The expected birth of our first grandchild -- a girl, dominates thoughts of this year. Next on the list is the impending construction of our livable shed on the lake property in IA. High hopes for a lot more entertaining around the water feature and hopefully some memorable rides on the motorcycles.

It remains a great blessing to have been able to have a period of "retired time" while still able to be active. I completely bypassed the idea of finding something to work at that I felt was "a calling" in my youth -- I certainly liked computers and to some degree still do, but that old "what is your bliss" question is not an easy one for me. MAYBE it is writing -- the blog entries are certainly "pure fun" without any need to "buckle down" and write. I'm now approaching 3K entries over the decade that I've been writing -- but focusing on a book is so far a good deal harder.

Perhaps this will be the year when the muse strikes harder and real book progress is made -- or perhaps self discipline is the only muse that will ever "strike" and what I need is a "gumption adjustment". I can certainly tell that there is a good deal of the old friend "fear of failure" -- it has often been nice to dream of writing a book that at least some set of people read and appreciate. Far  more likely to to never produce a book, or to produce something that some very small set of people politely read and try to make the best of ...

It is fitting that my personal year cycle now tends to start on April Fools given the point at my exit from IBM. I imagine the Master Planner getting in a wink and a chuckle at that!

Thursday, April 02, 2015

Apple vs WalMart

Mises Wire | Mises Institute:

A good little article covering something we all know. Progressives hate WalMart and they love Apple.

Why? WalMart is about poor, often rural hicks and Apple is about cool, upscale techie coasties. What part of that don't you get?

Progressives hate blacks, poor, hispanics, country hicks, the religious -- the "uncool". Sure, they will say things in favor of at least the black, poor and the hispanic, but that just means they want their votes and they want to feel good about throwing them some bones. They don't actually CARE about them -- if they did, then 6K young black youths being shot dead on the streets by other black youths would be a bad thing -- but as it is, they could care less.

Sure Apple makes way more profit -- why not? They are cool! Just like progressives -- just ask them, they are CERTAIN of it!

It's a short article, worth the short read.

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Life Lessons from Germanwings Disaster

Life Lessons from the German Air Disaster - Dennis Prager:

A very well thought out and well written article on the subject.

How true it is that we must all beware those that would "change the world", and be much more interested in changing our own life, and at best the lives of the people we love for the better.

Any Jackass can kick a barn door down, it takes a carpenter to build one ...

One psychopath murdered 149 people -- how difficult it is for any of us to change the lives of 149 people for the better!

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Marine Assaults African Immigrant and Steals His Lunch

Conservative biker saves little girl; He NEVER expected what happened next:

Just go and read the link ... how something is reported DOES make a difference!

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Forcing Blacks To Celebrate the KKK

The War on the Private Mind:
“I expect to die in bed,” Francis Eugene Cardinal George famously remarked. “My successor will die in prison, and his successor will die a martyr in the public square. His successor will pick up the shards of a ruined society and slowly help rebuild civilization, as the church has done so often in human history.” Perhaps it will not come to that. But we already are on the precipice of sending men with guns to the homes and businesses of bakers to enforce compliance with dictates undreamt-of the day before yesterday.
The linked column is well worth reading. Another good quote from it:

Adlai Stevenson famously offered this definition: “A free society is a society where it is safe to be unpopular.” We do not live in that society.
For the thinking person, the facts of this direct attack on private religious thought stretches the application of "never assert malice when stupidity can provide explanation".

Tim Cook is gay and not stupid. A gay man running what may well be the most powerful corporation in America goes to battle against little bakers, florists and photographers who might still hold as part of their private religion, morals that were the standard of all of civilization for over two thousand years. REQUIRING at penalty of loss of their pitifully insignificant businesses and livelihoods next to his 700+ BILLION market cap Apple and his personal $400 millon and rapidly rising wealth, that they CELEBRATE a marriage ceremony that is in direct opposition to their religions views and the views of all mankind for all of human history up to the last decade.

The mind boggles. This is compared to Jim Crow in the old south? The comparison is apt only in that Jim Crow was run by the Democrats and this attack on the private religious freedom of the powerless "bitterly clinging" common people is also being run by the party of state power -- the Democrats. Tim Cook is the modern Bull Connor -- only far more powerful and ruthless. Are the masses really so far gone that they can't see who the powerful and who the powerless are in this battle?

Since at least Cook is not stupid, we must assign the motive for this attack to something else. Jim Crow was in some ways benign relative to the modern assault on private thought. Bull Connor and his like did not demand that blacks thoughts align with theirs, only that they stay in their place. That was sufficient, they didn't need to bow on bended knee and swear their fealty to their betters -- only comply in the physical sense -- their minds were still their own.

Leviathan has grown enough that such is no longer sufficient. We are now told to "get our minds right" -- on your knees naive! We are no longer granted the privacy of our thoughts and beliefs, for the all-powerful State has expanded to where it is no longer going to whisper about "bitter clingers" at private campaign events. It has now stepped over the line to where economic warfare will be used to coerce those that fail to worship at the state altar to do so or pay -- first with their livelihoods, then with ??

We know where this goes. Once the path to thought coercion is taken, the drive for that coercion to be 100% successful increases as the set of those that resist gets ever smaller and the level of coercion to reach that absolute gets ever more oppressive until "No one stands against us!!!!!" (they have all been annihalated, and if you decide to get off your knees, so will you)

But then, as in Rome or as in Nazi Germany, the level of the perversion and the blood lust to demand that ALL bow to declare the perversion sacred continues. For the lusts of the human heart are not limited -- in fact, the unrepentant heart of man is exceedingly wicked. There is a good reason that BC and AD are separated by Easter.

Christ is the difference in world history, but unrepentant man can not accept that difference. This is as old as Romans 1:28 "Since they thought it foolish to acknowledge God, he abandoned them to their foolish thinking and let them do things that should never be done."

As with the rise of the "isms" in the 20th century, the world seems determined to worship the idol of "Secular Humanism". How many millions will die this time before we repent and the Church picks up the shards?

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ZZ Top, Across The Border

We ventured over to La Crosse WI to see the ZZ Top show that was originally scheduled for my birthday, October 5th ...  but Dusty Hill broke his hip so it was cancelled and rescheduled for the 31st.

La Crosse is a little over 50K people, 1/2 the size of Rochester -- there were about as many bars / restaurants between the car park 3 blocks from the La Crosse Center where the concert was at than there are in the city of Rochester.

We ate at Buzzard Billy's Flying Carp Cafe ... before dinner we had appetizers and a beer at the Starlight Lounge upstairs. Two excellent local Pearl Street offerings and super chicken wings for $11.50. The meal downstairs, two drinks, two soups, two entrees ... a catfish Po Boy and a Cajun platter, both excellent came in at $36! A 16oz beer at the concert was a mere $4.50 ... up at an event in the twin cities $8 is a good guess.

I have no idea if it is competition, taxes, regulations, German vs Scandinavian culture or "whatever", but those costs would have been at LEAST 30% higher here!

Billy, Dusty and Frank are all 65 years old -- Billy still seems to move like he did a decade ago, but Dusty seems a little less mobile maybe -- although he is a bass man, and they tend to not move much anyway. At the end of the show when Frank walked down front from the drums, I thought he looked like he may have aged the most. The crowd? Well, the crowd looks OLD -- what am I doing in such a crowd!!

I can't really imagine what happened -- I saw them in the early 80's on the "Eliminator" tour, then on our 20th anniversary, then 5 years ago up at Mystic Lake, and again last night -- as Billy G likes to say "40 years, same three guys, same three chords". Harley / Sturgis / ZZ Top -- those were the T-shirts, and pretty much in that order -- they seem to understand their audience pretty well at this point.

A very nice belated B-day present,