Thursday, April 02, 2015

Apple vs WalMart

Mises Wire | Mises Institute:

A good little article covering something we all know. Progressives hate WalMart and they love Apple.

Why? WalMart is about poor, often rural hicks and Apple is about cool, upscale techie coasties. What part of that don't you get?

Progressives hate blacks, poor, hispanics, country hicks, the religious -- the "uncool". Sure, they will say things in favor of at least the black, poor and the hispanic, but that just means they want their votes and they want to feel good about throwing them some bones. They don't actually CARE about them -- if they did, then 6K young black youths being shot dead on the streets by other black youths would be a bad thing -- but as it is, they could care less.

Sure Apple makes way more profit -- why not? They are cool! Just like progressives -- just ask them, they are CERTAIN of it!

It's a short article, worth the short read.

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