Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Baltimore, The Un-Ferguson

Rioting intensifies in Baltimore; liberal narratives among the casualties | Power Line:

We were assured by our Black President and his Black Attorney General as well as the media that the problem in Ferguson was to many racist whites in the Ferguson city government and police department. So Blacks naturally rioted.

BO also assured us that the "Russian Reset" was a brilliant diplomatic move, his administration would  be "transparent",  he would act if a "Red Line" were crossed in Syria, if we liked our health insurance we could keep it and Yemen was an example of how to do "smart foreign policy". Right now he assures us that Iran can be trusted relative to nukes --  believing all that is what it means to be "Ready for Hillary"!

The idea that  Blacks "naturally riot" is what conservatives call racism -- along with the ideas that they "naturally" are all Democrats, talk in a certain way, smoke marijuana, and can't operate in a society without a lot of subsidies and affirmative action. Thomas Sowell, Mia Love, Colin Powell, Condoleezza Rice, and a host of other Blacks prove that such stereotypes are far from destiny.

The mayor and police chief of Baltimore are black, and whites are a minority in the police force.

Blacks in any major city in the US are a Democrat managed "community" that are stage managed by a set of Democrat government officials including social workers, church leaders, community organizers, NAACP, and usually a number of elected officials since their communities are specifically gerrymandered to be democrat strongholds.

A lot of what passes for "black behavior" in the US is a result of this management -- which creates a "black lifestyle" that has one major positive aspect if you are a Democrat -- a guaranteed large voting bloc, but a series of negatives -- crime, poverty, broken homes, rioting, etc that go with it.

When a "trigger" happens, the black community erupts in riots, it's the "tradition". Note that similar things happen in other "communities" ... eg French car burning, or US college campuses after sports victories.

Humans have well documented tendencies of "mob behavior" built in as a species -- the bedlam of a huge sporting event or political rally brings it out as do "riots". The fact that the Democrat management of the black community is linked to "entitlement" which is an easy step to "taking stuff that I really deserve" promotes the higher crime rate in black communities and creates the fact that black riots involve looting, where college campus riots generally do not.

This is easy to understand, but since understanding it would make more people question the wisdom and morality of purposely managing the black population of this country as a captive voting bloc, the MSM nor the government is going to state the obvious.

Our peril as a nation is greatly magnified by the fact that our public schools and universities increasingly suppress critical thinking as part of their indoctrination -- going so far as to not invite any speakers nor certainly allow any professors that are not 100% aligned with "progressive" dogma on income distribution, climate, race, gender, GLBT, being anti-Christian, and a host of other positions.

The small number of people able to think critically and independently is frightening low.

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