Thursday, April 16, 2015

Death, The Victory of the Left

The Death of the Left:

The whole thing is an instructive read, but I found this to summarize it pretty well:
The left is at its best when it’s trying to take power. It unleashes its egocentric creative impulses, it writes poems, plays and songs as its heroes die in doomed battles or pump their fists at protests. And then they win, get rich and fat, the people grow poor and the country becomes a miserable dictatorship. Try putting a 300 pound Che on a t-shirt. Or get inspired by Obama lazily playing golf.

A successful leftist revolution quickly becomes indistinguishable from an ordinary oligarchy. Millions may die, but decades later all that’s left is a vast pointless bureaucracy that runs on family connections, an ideology no one understands anymore and an impoverished population ripe for outside exploitation.
For the religious or those that read the classics, this is simple. There is God (transcendence) -- the creative force, order, growth, honor, truth, wisdom.

Then there is the Devil -- the destructive force, chaos, death, dishonor, lies, foolishness.

God is RIGHT, the Devil is LEFT-- that is that, there are really no issues, it is just a simple matter of choice.

Now the leftists -- and Lucifer most of all, will often ask "why can't we all just get along?" "Let's find a middle ground ... a third way ... maybe we could just divide by 666?" ... Sure, let's make a compromise with evil. On the left, they think that is a GOOD idea!

Lucifer is ALL about "compromise". Did he REALLY say "you will surely die?" ... that seems awfully harsh, he CAN'T have meant THAT!

Europe chose death and so did we. God still and always can provide hope and redemption, but at this point it looks like we will see a lot more  corruption  before anyone thinks of redemption. First we just "compromised",  now we are all in.

The whole article is worth the time -- somehow the image of selling our few remaining children to peodophiles for the price of a "Happy Meal" is an epitaph for the road we chose that seems beyond fitting.

One little last quote from the article ... 
What stakes are to a vampire, victory is to the left. The left gains its creative energies from fighting against authority. Its entire reason for existing is to resist. In triumph, its writers become prostitutes for authority, its heroes become tyrants and its myths die on propaganda posters dissolving in the gutter.
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