Sunday, April 12, 2015

Let's Just Get This Over With

I saw this one and decided that it completely captured the essence of the Hillary campaign -- inevitability, boredom and condescending entitlement.

The Masters was on today and thankfully Jordan Spieth  displayed very little of the pain that you sometimes see from leaders that are dying under the stress -- they want to just get it over with so they can be champions and enjoy the memory.

I will confess to WAY too much of that in my life. CERTAINLY High School and College, pushing to "get this over with" so I could get a real job and MAKE SOME MONEY! Certainly the same relative to some steps up the career ladder and the carrot of retirement hanging out there. Being prone to some significant levels of worry and anxiety, there are also elements of this prior to trips -- I tend to enjoy the memories more than the the anticipation for sure. Too many "what if ...." thoughts intrude.

Although I was somewhat smart enough to see in advance that "let's just get this over with" a poor strategy post-retirement, it still crosses my mind just how wired at least the current American culture seems to be to this forever living in the future. Our Pastor goes a bit nuts on it -- mentioning today that Memorial Day stuff is now out in the stores, followed by the 4th the day after Memorial Day, then Back to School, then Halloween, then  Christmas WELL before Halloween in some stores (Fleet Farm toys come to mind).

Keeping our minds in the present and ENJOYING the moment is obviously the right answer. It is one of the things I like about Rodgers playing QB and always liked about Favre -- he looked like he was having fun out there! Perhaps Spieth might have made 19 under and held the all time Masters record alone rather than sharing it with Tiger had he not started to relax and enjoy his walk up to the 18th green this afternoon. Even if that is true -- which I don't really believe, he still made the right choice.

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