Monday, April 06, 2015

Malevolence, I Recognize Your Existence

Special Editorial: Kill the Deal | The Weekly Standard:

The linked article covers a number of aspects that congress ought to consider making prerequisites of any "deal" with Iran. Sure, it would be nice to have the refrain from regularly and publicly calling us the "Great Satan" since we are supposed to be on  on some sort of diplomatic and respectful terms. Not directly sponsoring terrorism around the world might also seem like a reasonable  gesture of good will for someone we are supposed to trust. But the one that really gives on pause is their refusal to RECOGNIZE Israel.

I may very strongly disagree with some of you reading this -- you may have completely different world views, as in being an atheist, or a proponent of vast expansion of coercive state power. You may hold a lot of hatred in your heart for Christians, business people, personal responsibility, gun rights, the Constitution in general, the unborn, etc. You may hate America, anything remotely "conservative" -- the list could go on and on.

But I'm willing to recognize your existence. I don't even consider that to be a matter of any question whatsoever -- to do otherwise seems to be somewhere between extreme malevolence and insanity !

Yet, Iran (and most of the other Arab nations) refuse to recognize the EXISTENCE of Israel -- and they are generally all sworn to annihilate Israel if they have the chance. I find them to be malevolent rather than insane.

Iran of course ALSO has no gay "marriage" issue because they have no gays. Seriously, they don't -- if you are identified in Iran as being gay you are put to death, so they have no gays. They don't recognize gays or Israel -- they deal with gays in the same way they want to deal with Israel, but so far they have not had the means to achieve a "final solution to Israel -- but they have stated that they WILL achieve such a solution.

So there is a very strong desire  in "The Party" -- TP, Democrat, for sanctions against Indiana and an equally strong desire to DROP sanctions against Iran.

The only way this makes sense is if CHRISTIANS and JEWS are who TP really hates, and if gays, blacks, and others are mere pawns to be used to battle the true enemies, Christians and Jews.

The only other explanation that would work is that TP is INSANE ... and I don't buy that one ... malevolence works just fine.

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  1. There is a larger double standard on the left - be sympathetic with Muslims, and yet if their policies and practices were implemented here, as in the middle east they'd go ballistic.

    1. Yes, I agree ... but I know I have a host of double / triple/and non-sequitur standards myself. I'll comment more on that later.

      I believe that "the left" is about centralization of state power and control. It is the social implementation of the very human desire for control -- other common personal ways being through drugs, through work, through money -- through nearly ANYTHING but in admitting our mortality and weakness and allowing God to be in control.

      "The left" at it's soul is the centralized government control freak approach. The "mechanisms" -- regulation, political correctness, confiscation of assets, deciding how much water your toilet can flush, etc, etc are just "mechanism". The "good" to the left is CONTROL.

      The "left impulse" (meaning the control impulse) could be just as "happy" ("fulfilled"?) attacking Gays as they are Christians. They could be just as happy running prohibition of alcohol as they are going after smokers.

      Left is government control, Right is lack of same "Chaos" ... or anarchy. The US was to be just to the right of center -- more chaos than control, but not absence of control. Even better "controlled control" -- the government was to be LIMITED.

      Once the transcendent law of God is abandoned, man arrives at all sorts of other "commandments" -- Thou shalt worship mother nature and the environment, thou shalt not eat meat, thou shalt not bear children (or at least very few), thou shalt love honor and obey the dominant party and culture, thou shalt have no god higher than the state and thou shalt worship the state all the days of thy life ...

      early on, the penalties for breaking these commandments are somewhat subtle -- being derided in state mandated education, loss of friends / respect ... but eventually the penalties ramp up -- loss of business or job, fines, ... and eventually, incarceration and usually death to those that fail to bow to the state.