Saturday, April 18, 2015

Milwaukee, Brown Lives Don't Matter

Driver Who Hit Toddler Starts Events That Leave 4 Dead - ABC News:

This story didn't get a lot of national attention. Don't expect the race industry to show up here -- no diversity.

The driver of the van was even named Brown. Everyone dead is African American.

The van hitting the toddler was a tragic accident. The ex-con trying to assassinate the driver because he killed one of his nephews, but killing ANOTHER one of his nephews in the process because of his poor marksmanship is a clear artifact of "black culture".

TP ("The Party" - D) decided in the '60s that they would swap the voting block of white folks in the south that they had held since prior to the Civil War for black votes nationally. It was a political genius move if all you care about is politics.

They turned blacks nationally into a TP socialist experiment using welfare to buy votes as the cornerstone.  Socialism worked as it always does -- the black family was destroyed, all forms of crime and especially drug use soared. Detroit was destroyed, with DC, Chicago, LA, Memphis, Atlanta, St Louis, and a number of or cities also becoming centers of violence and hopelessness.

But there isn't a problem with that for TP. Over 90% of those people vote solidly D, and as BO pointed out, the only real issue is that not enough of them get out to vote -- ergo, mandatory voting is a good idea!

Stirring up some racial tension if a white officer happens to shoot a black is good for TP's game plan -- THAT gets a LOT of attention! Blacks shooting each other in the streets by the thousands? Who cares? Certainly not BO, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson or the media! They consider those lives "collateral damage for the greater good" .... to the very slight extent they consider those lives at all.

Losing a country to socialism has a lot of collateral damage.
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