Monday, April 20, 2015

Narrative Fatigue, Good Men Do Nothing

Judith Miller Recants; Where's the Media? | RealClearPolitics:

Burke famously said that "All that is required for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing".

When we hear that, we tend to think in terms of good people standing by in Nazi Germany while millions of Jews were killed, or maybe the attack on the street of some vulnerable person while a crowd does nothing.

Unfortunately, it usually doesn't happen like that, and the reason is that the good people have simply been worn down by the banality of evil -- the day by day drumbeat of the media, the dominant party, and the educational system. Eventually, the people that need to put the brakes on the inexorable rise of government power just get beaten down and say; "I've HAD IT!"

And then the left has won.

I've written WAY more than I remotely care about on the whole Fitzgerald as Special Prosecutor, Valeria Plame, Joe Wilson, etc. -- the topic is maddening, arcane, surrealistic and depressing.

Here was how the media reacted when BO outed an ACTUAL undercover CIA agent (hint, they didn't care)

Here was a deeper discussion on how perjury is used in many cases and Clinton gives the false impression in the public mind that it isn't a big deal.

Here was some background on how we knew the whole thing was some sort of a setup by State -- there was NO NDA for Joe Wison!

There have been other mentions, but the bottom line covered in the linked article is that it appears that not even the perjury charge that Fitzgerald eventually made stick against Libby was actually legitimate -- THE WHOLE DAMNED THING WAS A LIE!

But then, to not realize that is to grossly underestimate the power of the left and it's control of the media.
Given that Fitzgerald’s three-and-a-half year-long investigation and prosecution of Libby riveted the nation’s capital and generated vast news coverage implying, when not outright declaring, that the Bush administration lied the nation into war, one might think that recantation of testimony by a pivotal prosecution witness would command attention and excite controversy.
Just imagine how the MSM would be howling if BO had been under a special prosecutor investigation for ANY of or each ---  Gun Runner, IRS targeting conservative groups, Benghazi, Hillary Clinton destroying e-mails, or a long list of others certainly more serious than the ABSOLUTELY NOTHING which was the surrealistic Plame affair. It would be easy to argue that each of the BO scandals is more serious than Watergate -- nobody died in Watergate, as they did in Gun Runner and Benghazi, and the separation of powers and destruction of evidence issues were far less in Watergate than in IRS and the Hillary e-mails.

But to even think along those lines is to completely miss the power of the left - D - media connection and how they operate in lock step! The PURPOSE of the Fitzgerald investigation was to cement the false narrative of "Bush lied, people died". There is no reason for any Special Prosecutors now, BO IS A DEMOCRAT!

People that had independent brains at the time knew that Bill Clinton, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Colin Powell, British Intelligence, the UN, and EVERYONE knew that Saddam had WMD, had used them, and was constantly working to get more! Now we have even FOUND THEM ... as reported by the NY Times no less, so it MUST be true!

The key to fooling the masses is MISDIRECTION.

Make up a story about "Bush lied". Then assert that "he even lied in his STOTU address about yellowcake".  THEN, have a big investigation about how the evil Dick Cheney "outed" a poor little covert spy named Valerie Plame (the damsel in distress) -- why? Well to cover up the "lies", the idea of which was created by the D - MSM connection in the first place!

In "the media end", Scooter Libby was CONVICTED -- meaning that the ENTIRE BUSH LIED STORY IS TRUE! It is a variation on the old "A man accused of killing 3 men and a dog promptly produces the dog alive!" The actual "charge" was perjury -- easily explained by faulty memory. Like "the dog alive" saying NOTHING about the deaths of the 3 men, the Libby conviction for perjury said NOTHING about the "Bush lied" assertion.

For 80-90-% of the population though the story is long over and they fully believe the MSM / Democrat version. From the POV of the left, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED! Leftist evil has triumphed -- good people have been either convinced of the lie or beaten down so they finally do what the left demands that all good people do -- SHUT UP!

... and that is why the masses stand staring blankly as the next victims of the state march off to the gas chamber.

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