Sunday, April 12, 2015

NRA Bans Concealed Carry at Convention

And other lies ....

You can go read the linked article, but the short scoop is:

-- NYTs reported that NRA baned carry and "loaded guns" at convention.

-- Rand Paul walked off an interview in tiff and shut off the lights on the reporters. 

-- Nancy Reagan endorsed Hillary Clinton

I've seen and heard versions of these reported as "truth" around the the Internet, Facebook, etc the last few days, naturally all are false -- and the linked articles covers the origins, etc.

The point is that the conservative POV needs a vast amount of extra money to even come close to countering this kind of continuing bias -- the biased reporting of things that have some basis in fact is bad enough, but sometimes complete fabrications stick harder in the minds of the low -- or "standard MSM information only" voter more than just slanted reporting on actual issues.

If somebody is anti-gun, it is very easy to see how the level of hypocrisy that would be involved in the NRA banning carry holders from it's convention would leave a mental mark.

If any liberal wanted to have a SLIGHT bit of understanding on how the "other side" feels, they could consider how completely bent out of shape they get over "Faux News" and "Rush Limbaugh" who generally barely cover the news with as much slant as the standard left media does from the others side, let alone typically report completely fabrication as fact. (you can go here to get a perspective on that claim if you like)

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