Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Of Minions and Servility

The Age of Minions | National Review Online:

I'm developing a little envy of Kevin Williamson's writing -- I know envy is sin, but he is good and I'm human.

I like this particular article mostly for entertainment --  Begala is an easy target for the minion label. He has that shifty weasel look that screams minion. I'm convinced that everyone in the Clinton Crime Family had to commit at least one felony to be accepted -- I'm guessing that Begala stole money from his blind Grandmother.

It is worth reading the whole thing for entertainment value --- by favorite zinger was this:

Some men are born servile, some achieve servility, and some have servility thrust upon them. There is something rank and defective in some men’s souls that simply needs to abase itself — not before God, or Nietzsche’s Abyss, or the Stoics’ clockwork universe, but before ordinary mortal men and women who might, had things turned out only a little differently, manage a Chipotle rather than use one as a stage for political theater.
Sadly, humor always has to rest on truth to have any bite, and I fear the article points to a monstrous truth. The reason that this is "The Age of Minions" here is because this is NOT America -- you remember it don't you? "The land of the FREE and the home of the BRAVE"!

Minions are neither free or brave, and those that willing accept that sort of drivel that seeps out of their mouths are not free or brave either. They are servile. America is over 50% servile.

Over 50% of our population now draws a "significant part of their living" from government! Sure, we  may have paid into FICA, Medicare, etc but the fact is that we paid in knowing that it was a corrupt program. We knew the money was being spent in lieu of what ought to have been higher taxes or debt, but we still voted the people running the program in over and over and made it "the third rail".

W courageously tried to touch that rail by converting part of the program into ACTUAL investment, but was soundly beaten. My belief is that a lot of the the opprobrium he reaped was actually due to that sin against all our corruption -- Iraq and Katrina were just excuses to help keep our national Ponzi Scheme rolling a bit longer.

FICA is the apple by which socialism has corrupted the very core of what was once America. Even people that believe they are "patriotic Americans" will howl "It is MY money, **I** paid it in, how DARE THEY claim that it is broke!!!!".

This is very simple. Freedom requires that enough people are reality based to keep the country free. Freedom requires that Government be LIMITED! It requires a majority of people over at least the long run to be willing to seek the truth of reality rather than allow themselves to be bribed by their own politicians with the blood and treasure of their offspring.

FICA is a bedtime fairy tale founded on the idea that at least half of the people pay into a big kitty and die before they collect -- age 62 was the average age of death for a man when FDR set up his scheme. Everyone likes to believe they are an above average driver, will live longer than the average age, and are certainly a bit smarter than average!

Government being as naturally corrupt as government is, they decided "Why bother to have any trust fund at all? We will just spend the money and future generations will have to pay it! We will buy today's votes on the backs of future generations!"

As long as the population and the economy were growing, this scheme looked like it could just keep going on forever, and in the 60's, the Democrats gave it a "kicker" -- they would sweeten the pie in the sky by and by pot with medical care as well!

We ABSOLUTELY KNOW that FICA and Medicare as well as US debt have crossed the rubicon from crisis to disaster. Why? Because nobody is talking about them -- the US is now like the Titanic after it hit the ice berg, but before it developed a very serious list. Go scan the internet -- articles about the financial state of the US Government are RARE! Perhaps one should look at the report from the Trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds

Neither Medicare nor Social Security can sustain projected long-run program costs in full under currently scheduled financing, and legislative changes are necessary to avoid disruptive consequences for beneficiaries and taxpayers. If lawmakers take action sooner rather than later, more options and more time will be available to phase in changes so that the public has adequate time to prepare. Earlier action will also help elected officials minimize adverse impacts on vulnerable populations, including lower-income workers and people already dependent on program benefits.
That is just the summary ... it gets worse when one delves into it a bit. The SHORT TERM situation is really bad too -- like some benefits start not going out in 2016 !!

Let me explain the yellow a bit. Following the Titanic analogy, NOW is a great time to start getting some of the folks on the lower decks into some lifeboats! This puppy is GOING DOWN!

But let's face it, the percentage of people willing to face this fact is low -- so, for those of you who are, God, Guns, Gold, Gardens ... and maybe a place next to a lake in significantly out of the way fly-over country. It is going to get MUCH worse before there is any hope of improvement.

We have people like BO, Begala, Hillary -- the Williamson article christens her "Herself", very fitting, although I still kind of like "Hildebeast" which came from Michelle Obama's staff,  because we richly deserve them. As a nation, we would like to look at ANYTHING rather than the fix we are in -- Global Warming, the tiny number of incidents of white police shooting blacks, imaginary pay gaps for women, the Apple Watch ... ANYTHING!

It remains to be seen if any Republican is going to be willing to run on the TRUTH. I doubt it, and it is almost certainly a losing strategy anyway. HOWEVER, in my book it needs to be out there -- like Churchill crying in the wilderness in the 30's. Because when our situation becomes impossible to ignore, there will be millions of shell shocked people running around yelling "nobody told us"!!

That in itself is proof we are no longer free people -- free people SEEK THE TRUTH! But given that we are where we are, hopefully somebody will tell the servile masses just how bad the situation is, because that is one more way to be ready to pick up the pieces after the disaster.

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