Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Republican Senators Seize Ship!

U.S. dispatches destroyer after Iran boards commercial ship - The Washington Post:

Oh wait, it was our close nuclear buddies the Iranians, never mind ... story buried well down in the news. I suppose if the Iranians sent a letter explaining their Constitution, THAT would be big news, right?

The article is an interesting read, for example this:

“At first appearance, it does seem to be provocative behavior, but again we don’t have all the facts yet,” Warren said. 
It was not immediately clear whether the Farragut, which is now in international waters, would enter Iranian waters. 
The incident comes days after U.S. officials sought to de-escalate naval tensions that arose with Iran after the U.S. military sent an aircraft carrier off the coast of Yemen. U.S. officials suspect that Iran has been sending weapons and supplies to Yemen to aid Houthi rebels who are fighting a U.S.-backed coalition of Arab nations.
If you follow only the MSM, your could be forgiven for missing this. Ships being seized are less newsworthy than they used to be.

The news is chock full of how race relations are going swimmingly in Baltimore with a Black Mayor, Black Police Chief and huge majority of Black officers on the force! BO even inspired us all today by calling for a national "soul searching". He failed to say what we were "searching for". Is there a shortage of whites to blame in Baltimore or something?

Meanwhile, things seem to be going about as well in the Persian Gulf with our negotiating partner Iran as they are in Baltimore. At the very least I expect Iran  will nearly match the trustworthiness of BO!

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