Thursday, April 16, 2015

Resets, Red Lines, Rhetoric

Another red line done gone | Power Line:

Russia is going to deliver S-300 surface to air missiles  to Iran, thus making a military option to prevent Iran from getting the bomb more expensive, if not off the table entirely.

As the article covers, the BO administration once convinced Russia that these missiles were a "red line" -- something they trumpeted as a fruit of their "Russian Reset", supposedly one of the early examples of the brilliance of Hillary as Secretary of State.

So much for that.

Ever since our Supreme Odiferous Leader has declared the "Framework" to be identical to a "deal", he has responded to any foolish critics with his favorite argument -- SHUT UP!

The Supreme Leader of Iran however seems to have a completely different view of the "framework" -- or does he? To him, any sanctions need to be removed upon any signing (if not before, see S-300) and all military installations will remain off-limits to inspectors.

The Supreme Leader also regularly says "Death to America", so at least he and BO see eye to eye on that!

I'm not sure what either of them means by "America" -- it must be a land mass. When we were a nation of free men, "shut up" was not an argument, and we had no supreme leader that could unilaterally make agreements with a foreign power without the approval of the Senate.

So much for America.

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