Monday, April 27, 2015

Jenner, Last Taboo

Bruce Jenner said he’s a Republican. Only 21 percent of LGBT Americans are. - The Washington Post:

The left of the nation was shocked on the 20/20 interview last week when Bruce Jenner came out as a ....  GASP! Republican!

This article mentions that "ONLY" 21% of LGBT (and who knows what other letters we ought add to that soon!) are Republican.

First of all, effeminate men, gay men, cross dressing men, all of the same in reverse for women are old news. Deviancy is nothing new for mankind. That is no surprise, or really of any interest to conservatives. "There nothing new under the sun". It is very hard to be a sexual deviant these days (like what DO you need to do to actually be a "deviant"?) , but it is certainly EASY to be a thought deviant -- just come out as Republican!

The left is ALL about "diversity" or even just deviancy based on race, sex, "gender" (when they admit it exists), acting out, profanity, "art", etc. What they are AGAINST -- and they show their colors here, is diversity of THOUGHT! Animals have sex organs, animals have different coloration, animals have violent or non-violent interactions. What they DON'T have is THOUGHT -- the left is OK with but ONE kind of thought, left wing thought. Any other kind is "shocking, radical, regressive, racist, reactionary, etc" -- BAD. That the left can't stand is any thought that is not in lock step with their dogma!

So they accidentally show their true colors when they get surprised. The right will tell you that they disprove of your actions on occasion, but they are actually FAR less inclined to try to control what you THINK than the left.  You may well get AIDs or a host of other sexually transmitted diseases if you engage in gay sex, but you get no disease by being attracted to the same sex. It is action that matters -- it is in the same approach as "guns don't kill, people do" -- it isn't the inanimate object or even the impulse that does harm (or in some cases good) -- it is the ACTION.

The left likes to outlaw objects, suppress speech in the case of Conservative or Christian ideas, or in some cases simply shame you into at least giving lip service to their point of view. For someone like Bruce Jenner to not follow their dogma, or AT LEAST give it lip service on TV just really pisses them off!

"Only 21%"? Of GLBT? What percentage of the population is LGBT? Kinsey tried to make it out to be 10% -- it looks like the real total is more like < 5% and could be quite a bit less than that.

So well under 10% of Blacks identify as Republican -- more like 5%, or maybe about the same as the total GLBT population relative to the general population.

What does this mean? Possibly nothing -- there may well be no causality here at all, only correlation, statistics are like that.

The left has more work to do in order to get the GLBT population where it "should be" relative to political party? One would assume they believe that the WHOLE population ought to be there  at the 95%+ D -- no diversity of thought at all.

It is certainly the mark of a civilization WAY past it's prime when something as trivial as an aging male sports star deciding to "go woman" gets any level of interest at all. It looks though that we are FAR down the road to where being a Republican is the last remaining taboo.

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