Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Your Raisins Or Your Life

Review & Outlook: Raisins in the Sun - WSJ:

The US has a "raisin reserve" -- also avocados, kiwis, apricots and who knows what else. It goes back to the 30's -- the time before last when we slipped steeply socialist (the last was the '60s). Now is the age of BO socialism -- BOcare being the biggest slide.

The article is well worth a read, the summary is that a couple in CA decided since they sold their raisins direct, they were not subject to seizure of part of their crop by the feds. The Feds disagreed, and now the case is going to the SCOTUS -- but it is obvious the Feds got worried while they were looking at this, so they tried to pull some legal shenanigans to keep their "raisin train" and no doubt avocado, apricot, etc gravy trains with positions, kickbacks, conferences, etc intact.

If it wasn't so damned sad and disgusting, it would be funny.
As Justice Antonin Scalia put it, so it's "your raisins or your life, right? . . . you don't have to pay the penalty if you give us the raisins." No, Mr. Palmore explained. "They have to give the raisins . . . It's not a choice." Which is why the Justices should find these takings to be unconstitutional.
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