Friday, May 01, 2015

Onion, Gravity, Wrong On Many Levels

I don't condone this movie review, and intellectually find it wrong in a number of ways. Mental illness is a very real and serious problem and it VERY RARELY results in dangerous and violent behavior on the part of those that suffer it.

This review treats a serious subject in a slapstick and incorrect fashion, carrying on a stereotype that is damaging to those facing  a real problem.

... So, why would I post it!

Because I am human, and humans carry the unexplained penchant for HUMOR!

Humor is WRONG -- it is "immature", it is "expensive" -- someone has a fall, embarrassment, ... something that is "an their expense" ... or a group's expense, etc.

There are times that I believe humor will save us from liberals, and there are times that I think that liberals will snuff it out and replace it's joy with smugness. It hangs in the balance as "progressives" gain force.

In the ultimate advanced "progressive" world there can be no humor -- because we will all be fully educated, all fully compassionate to any even pantomimed misfortune of others, fully accepting of cultural differences that in today's "less than fully progressed" world can strike a funny bone -- just a small step away from a racist, sexist, ageist, etc bone ... in the realm of not perfectly processed and "progressed" liberalism.

Or you could just forget all that and enjoy the video -- because you might be human too, and to be a not fully "progressed" human is to still have a sense of humor! ... inappropriate though it may be

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