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Tactical Setback Day

Summer 2015 Forecast: Much of U.S. Could See Below-Average Temperatures -

Reading detailed history makes one aware that "the experts" are nearly always very wrong, and "the common wisdom" is only common.

Last week we were treated to ISIL taking over the Iraqi city of Ramadi, and a BO speech to the graduating Coast Guard class that featured "Climate Change" as our leading military challenge.
"You don’t sit back; you take steps to protect your ship," Obama said. "Anything less is a dereliction of duty. The same is true for climate change."
The linked article for this post points out that much of the US is expected to have a "much colder than normal" summer. The residents of Ramadi likely would have an even more disbelieving attitude to the pronouncements of a once very important, possibly even exceptional nation ... now similar in stature to "Greece" ... or possibly even "grease" ... for the treads of Russia, China, ISIL, or who knows what formerly lowly opponent.

On the world stage -- at least as reported through the lens of US media, we have one of the greatest events in world history happening -- ALL POSITIVE, on par with what, if anything that has happened or could possibly happen?  ... the end of WWII? the development of fusion power? the Emancipation Proclamation? The Moon Landing?

I speak of course of Ireland VOTING for gay "marriage". For a media normally enamoured with rule by fiat as to such "rights", it falls into that surreal realm. Does this mean that the rights of gays are greater or less than  those of women relative to the slaughter of generations in the womb? It is hard to even imagine something as horrible as the inviolate "right" of a woman to kill her child being put to something as fickle as "a vote" is it not? The SCOTUS has ruled against even the most minuscule attempts of any state to regulate such a cornerstone position of modern left wing thought.

I can only conclude that "consistency is not an issue" -- were "the vote" to go the other way, "democracy" should immediately be usurped by any means possible -- hopefully "the court". Thus in keeping with the only true morality of the left "we hold to what serves us".

On that front, the ecstasy of the left on the Josh Duggar news of sexual touching of minor girls (while a minor himself), reported to his parents, reported to the authorities, and dealt with while he was yet a minor is something to behold. Yes, I understand the emotional reaction of those who have no morals finding that one who attempts to have morals has failed. It is nearly as giddy as the joy when another one of their own gets away with being caught in a moral failing which they never claimed to even care to avoid -- Bill Clinton getting off is the great example, but there was another more in the news last week, David Letterman .

In contrast to say Bill Cosby, Letterman is another proof that if you have the right politics, even if you push the limits of using position for sexual favors, all will be forgiven. So go and sin ... quietly if possible, as long as your leftist political fealty is pure! If you are even CHILD of the wrong political thought, there is no such thing as a minimum age of accountability -- you must be held accountable. No forgiveness, no compassion, no veil of "being a minor"! Refusal to renounce God, family, morals and to bow to the supreme power of the state is the unforgivable sin of both Satan and the left!

Again, this is NOT new ... Roman Emperors had their boys, concubines, etc It took centuries there before the rot seeped to the masses and the empire fell. So too the British Empire -- many of the lavish weekend parties at the vast country estates during the supposedly repressed Victorian era were thinly veiled spouse swapping events mostly hidden from the lower classes (servants were considered to be furniture).

Like the flesh that serially forms the corporeal national body over time, civilizations are born, (sometimes) flourish, peak and then die. In the case of the Greek, Roman and English, sometimes pieces of what they were live on in their offspring, but of this there are no guarantees.

Will some future space exploring Chinese or Russian civilization even recall the old once great USA, or will  all be ground to powder as a nuclear, biologic or possibly drone war victorious Islamic Caliphate treats all the previous civilizations as they have treated ancient artifacts everywhere they have conquered?

To the victors go the spoils ... and the very writing of the memories of what has gone before. It is a huge and expensive responsibility -- in commitment to the values of a civilization, passing them on from generation to generation, the vast investment in blood and treasure that it takes to continue to grow and expand those values. Old things like Freedom, Justice, reverence for God, holding the traditions of your nation and civilization with awe and reverence. All those things we no longer care about as a nation. Welcome to "Grease" (as in spot).

Perhaps it is time to rename "Memorial Day" to "Tactical Setback Day"?

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