Thursday, June 11, 2015

Dayton Wins, Nobody Happy

I've included links to a couple of versions of how the Medicated Governor (Dayton) has come out in the special session for those that want to read up. In short, he didn't get much -- like for example, he didn't the money for his early childhood education that he said caused the veto. From my perspective, he ought to have gotten NOTHING -- as one of the articles said, he didn't have a strong position going in and made it weaker by stating that he would avoid a shutdown.

I especially liked this Dayton quote from the second one. "The sign of a true compromise is that no one is happy with it."  -- one might call that the essence of non-totalitarian government. At least in totalitarian government, the folks in charge are happy -- and usually they force everyone else to SAY they are happy, lest they or their families end up incarcerated or dead! 

Small wonder that God gave us Capitalism -- the free exchange of goods and services in which the decision to make the transaction is freely made so BOTH parties believe that they are better off than they were without the transaction. The "seller" got a profit that they were willing to take and the "buyer" got the good or service at a rate that they were willing to pay. The absolute inverse of Dayton's world -- "no deal unless EVERYONE is happy" vs "no deal unless NOBODY is happy".  Is it REALLY that hard to choose between the two? 

Sadly, it is, because all sides go into politics like people go into Social Security -- believing unsoundly that "everyone will get out more than they put in".  As Reagan put it:
“It isn't so much that liberals are ignorant. It's just that they know so many things that aren't so.” Our founders understood that government was OVERHEAD, like insurance -- so you wanted to carry the MINIMUM of it that you could handle, lest it consume you. Neither party is even close to that understanding today -- something like 80% of our population are really "liberals" by action. 

It is remarkable how well the left leaning MN press can hold their tongues. A governor known to be mentally ill but medicated, a multiple time lapsed alcoholic who is at present often barely coherent vetoed a BI-PARTISAN budget over a pet project on early childhood education. risking a government shutdown. Were Dayton a Republican (it could NEVER happen with his baggage), the outcry would reach levels of apocalyptic insanity as it did when Pawlenty vetoed a budget with actual reason -- 

Very few harsh words are heard from his compliant friends in the press -- I understand that the Republicans kept near silence because that same press was just waiting on a hair trigger for **ANY** even tiny soudbite that they could use to "blame it all on the Republicans", but it still amazes. 

Without a TINY bit of actual free thinking in the press, we are treated to the sort of ridiculous Kabuki that this Dayton veto has resulted in. When a state is as far left as MN, sane people very nearly need to be drugged in order to believe what passes for sanity in this Woebegone Asylum!

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