Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Democrats Don't Trust BO -- Why Do Republicans?

Senate Hands a Victory to Obama on Trade Pact - The New York Times:

Republicans have a VERY nasty habit of caring more about the actual country than they do politics! They have this weird thought that "right is right" no matter who is in power, and that "doing the right thing", even if it gives power to a president that REGULARLY calls you all manner of names including "racists", because it is "good for the country".

In the past -- when government was limited and we had a Constitution that both sides believes in, one could hold up such ideals as reasonable. Right now though, this is like negotiating with terrorists. Even if you DON'T give BO this authority he is likely to act as if he has it anyway!

BO sees this as personal POWER -- I believe the Republican faith in his goodwill and assurances he will use this for what the Republicans expect is extremely likely to come back to haunt them.

I fail to understand why Boehner and McConnell can't simply say "We are in complete agreement with Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi who don't trust this president with trade authority. We don't trust him either, bipartisanship has been reached!"

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