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Escape Mass Delusion, Love and Laughter

How To Escape The Age Of Mass Delusion:

A very important article that I suspect points to an important book, "The Rape of Mind" by Joost Meerloo.
Meerloo testified to this feeling of disorientation: “Many victims of totalitarianism have told me in interviews that the most upsetting experience they faced in the concentration camps was the feeling of loss of logic, the state of confusion in which they had been brought – the state in which nothing had any validity.” 
That’s because in the mass centralized state, “peaceful exchange of thoughts in free conversation will disturb the conditioned reflexes and is therefore taboo.” On a hopeful note, Meerloo writes that “love and laughter break through all rigid conditioning.”
I bring up "Man's Search for Meaning" a bit too often -- but it also makes that point, that it is REAL MEANING that is what ultimately makes life worth living. It is much more FUN with more people sharing the same meaning, but if you lose the meaning, you have lost life.  I find the following hits far too close to home:
As more people succumb to PC conditioning and cede their freedom of thought, it becomes more difficult for the rest of us to maintain integrity of mind. Our audience shrinks. As we encounter more and more drone-like personalities in daily life, the world seems to sink into surrealism, like so many in Rod Serling’s old “Twilight Zone” episodes.
 The line that anyone that is still not under the spell of the totalitarian state probably finds most sad is: "That’s because in the mass centralized state, peaceful exchange of thoughts in free conversation will disturb the conditioned reflexes and is therefore taboo.” Few things are more sad at the end of freedom and culture than this somber truth.

We see it happen to friends and family members one by one. They lose the old meaning of life, the ability to "peaceful exchange of thoughts in free conversation", because they MUST follow the absolute strict dictates of the State, or lose what they have now taken to be meaning -- the advancement of state power over all aspects of life and their relations with others of that belief.

There is no way for them to maintain faith in God, love of family, tradition, history, personal responsibility, character and certainly not truth under that onslaught. Any step away from complete State orthodoxy on gays, warming, gender, taxation, choice of media outlets, God, or values brings the glazed eyes, and the end of conversation.

Like "Invasion of the Body Snatchers"  they one by one succumb to the new popular mob acceptance -- they are "proud of Jenner's courage", they "don't see why Indiana can't love everyone" ... and then they are lost to any real conversation and contact. Conversation with them becomes a minefield with an ever increasing set of items that are off-limits -- "the peaceful exchange of thoughts in conversation" has died. All that remains is extremely bland talk, if any contact can be maintained at all. The effect to a still free-thinking religious traditional American is as if the former friend or loved one had "joined a cult".

But the minority and the "cult" is clearly those of us who retain even the thought that the weather is just the weather, or now that boys are boys and girls are girls. Such ideas mean that we are now "not of the liberal body", and therefore not worthy of being truly accepted by those who ARE of the liberal body. The pressure to remove all references to anything not in alignment with the state grows larger with each day as the purview of "safe speech" gets smaller -- along with the knowledge  that "hiding out" is not really an option.

Maybe it is your kids lecturing on gay "marriage", or Jenner's "courage"-- or some friend that you "thought was still reasonable" doing the same  -- but at some point, you at least wrestle with the idea that maintaining your connection with God, tradition, country, self-respect, truth, etc is becoming too expensive.

Then the first steps are taken. Mostly first, just silence -- "if I don't speak up maybe they won't notice". Then the tacit little "yes, I agree ... with something".  The "something" may be "many definitions of courage", "we can never know how someone else feels", "there are lots of views on that" ... but certainly there is no defense of "God created us male and female, some things are not man's to change". We start by failing to stand, then we fall. Each step is small, and they become easier.

You feel you MUST "get along with the people in the majority" -- after all, they were your friends and still are your family, although relations with them have become strained and distant. So with each small step the change becomes more "natural" -- soon you find yourself saying things like "I can understand how it must have been difficult for Jenner" -- and feeling a lot less concern or understanding of  the runner up for the "courage award", a tri-athlete who lost an arm and leg in combat. We all have gender -- and have sometime wondered what the other gender feels like. Very few of have lost multiple legs in combat -- the "Mass Delusion" is so much more ... "accessible".

It is indeed VERY "accessible" -- in fact EFFORTLESS! It takes no courage at all to follow whatever whim rises up from the cesspool of the human heart and have your picture draped on the cover of a magazine. Any idiot knows you **MUST** want that, or your picture would not be there! The Mass would like to convince you differently, or that someone that is willing to risk violence to show pictures of Muhammad must "want to be beheaded". The Mass LIVES by getting it's followers to acceed, even violently, to things that they know to be false.

The supposed happiness of the mob is never real. Our souls aren't made to worship the mob, and the mob has ZERO real interest in our souls (or their own -- they gave their souls up to join!). Screw up relative to the mob and there is no "forgiveness" or consideration of "I will stand by him, I've known him for years", or even "that is my mom or dad". No, when you buy the meaning of the Mob, you buy **ALL** the meaning -- which means no honor save compliance, no independence (you say what the mob says), no freedom (you follow the mob), no true emotion (your emotions are what the mob tells you). And no love.

You certainly can't be a Christian and declare gender changes to be "courageous", nor stand up for gay "marriage", nor abortion. God is nothing if not wise. You CAN'T serve "God and mammon" -- the Mob and it's sin is what he wants to save you from!

So as our family, friends and even children turn to the Mob, what they most need is for us to continue to stand as an alternative. While the Mob will never repent, INDIVIDUALS can repent -- they can turn from serving mammon and return to actual love and laughter. BUT, there has to be somebody that hasn't given in to the Mob.
John 4 verses 7 and 8:
7 Beloved, let us love one another, for love is from God; and everyone who loves is born of God and knows God. 8 The one who does not love does not know God, for God is love
A person not of the Mob but of Christ can (and WILL) painfully continue to love those who have left Christ and joined with the Mob. The Mob will love nobody -- ever.

I use the Bible and Christian images because that is who I am. One could use the Constitution, the writings of Hayek, Orwell or Burke. Even of Solzhenitsyn.  Find SOMETHING!

Most of all ... "Never, never, never give up!" (Winston Churchill)

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