Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Gravity and Economics Still Work

Why the Recovery Still Limps Along - WSJ:

News at 11 -- no surprises here, I've covered it before, but the media and BO keep lying about it anyway and unfortunately not everyone is required to read my blog!

The states with the most business friendly climate -- right to work laws, lower taxes, lower minimum wages, etc have looked the best since the recession. People generally move to those states because (thankfully) there are still a good number of people that want to have work!

The deeper the hit was to employment when the recession hit, in general the more rapid the recovery has been post recession. This has been true at the state level, and it has been true of every US recession prior to now -- BO is (as usual) lying about the slowness being due to the depth of the recession. The tepid to non-existent recovery is due to his policies. Remember the easy test of BO lying -- his lips moved.

Throw a ball in the air, it still comes down. Force business to be less competitive (closed shops, higher minimum wages), make it more expensive to do business -- higher taxes, more regulations, and business goes down.

Same old same old -- no reason at all to have BO and the media version of 3 card monte confuse you. Be especially watchful as they change the whole game by modification of GDP reporting as of July.

Now faking the numbers -- THAT is a policy that I have faith in BO to execute on!

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