Thursday, June 25, 2015

History and Hillary, Sowell

Thomas Sowell: History and Hillary Clinton | New Hampshire:

Well written, concise, entirely factual and well reasoned -- and sad. Sowell does it again.

The saddest point he makes is at the end.
A President of the United States — any President — has the lives of more than 300 million Americans in his or her hands, and the future of Western civilization. If the debacles and disasters of the Obama administration have still not demonstrated the irresponsibility of choosing a President on the basis of demographic characteristics, it is hard to imagine what could. 
With our enemies around the world arming while we are disarming, such self-indulgent choices for President can leave our children and grandchildren a future that will be grim, if not catastrophic. 
Putting another disaster in the WH after the disaster that is BO seems unthinkable, but then BO seemed unthinkable TWICE!

Like all once great nations, the decline phase seems to become inevitable. If we hang around long enough we watch our parents, friends and even children age and die, and ourselves as well. For at least the greatness of nations, the same seems inevitable -- Greece, Rome, England and now the US in turn, rise -- then fall. Maybe the nation still exists, but it is the nation in name only.

The greatness is gone -- like BO in the wind!

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