Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Marriage No Longer Exists

When Bisexual People Get Left Out of Marriage |

Occasionally someone will bring up the "Why do you care about marriage equality -- it doesn't affect you"?

In order to have an intelligible shared reality, we need to agree on the meaning of words. We no longer have an agreed definition of marriage.

Every claim to "marriage equality" is labeled "GLBT" ... Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgender.

As the article claims, that is **WAY** too restrictive. Facebook now has 58 (and rising) gender options. 

The article definitely says -- as do most of the new "laws" on the books on "marriage equality" that the B and the T are included in this brave to world of "marriage".

So what IS a bi-sexual "marriage"??? Three people? Four people? More? The article carefully avoids defining it, though makes it clear that "gay" or "same sex" are definitely NOT the right terms!How about if you take the 58 types of "gender" that FB has and try to arrive at what a "marriage" between any ??? 2? 5? ?? do numbers matter?

It very much appears that we "needed to pass these marriage laws so we will know what is in them" --- which means that we no longer know what the word marriage means. So yes, destroying the definition of what was formerly one of the most basic relationships in human society matters very much to me.

If it doesn't matter to you, then words having meaning doesn't matter -- which used to be one of the signs of insanity, but in an insane world, is now accepted without thought.How can you possibly "disagree"? What does "disagree" mean? It means precisely what the dominant party (THE Party) says it means -- no more, no less.

Welcome to 1984.
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