Friday, June 12, 2015

President of Spokane NAACP Transracial

'Black' NAACP leader outed as white woman: "
This article makes an interesting read in the vein of the modern "liberal" -- "you are who you say you are" and "the truth is what you conceive it to be".

Apparently both of this woman's biological parents are white. She has courageously self-identified as black for quite a while now and has made enough appearance changes so that she appeared black to others. No doubt she was always black inside, and now she is a whole person.

She has been the victim of all sorts of racial threats and intimidation over the years, as well as some bizarre postal accidents -- such as a package being delivered without a postmark!

These things are all easily explainable.
Dolezal told officers that most of these types of incidents were caused by people affiliated with right wing groups in our area.
Damn those "right wing groups" -- they are some shifty suckahs!

I have to admit that I am SHOCKED by Atlanta media and their headline. This seems even worse than calling "Caitlyn" Jenner "Bruce", does it not? If she feels black, she is BLACK! Right?

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