Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Seinfeld and "Progressive" Preppy Comedy

An Open Letter to Jerry Seinfeld from a 'Politically Correct' College Student | Anthony Berteaux:

This little column is an exercise in smug.
We need to talk about the role that provocative comedy holds today in a progressive world.
See, on college campuses, and largely in the western nations, "progressives" have won -- which means it is now all about power and violence rather than rule of law and freedom of speech.

Mr Anthony Berteaux (column author) is sitting in what he sees as the catbirds seat, and he is pretty damned smug about it. He is certain that he has the power -- and is happy to lord it over in this case, Jerry Seinfeld.

But, he or course doesn't have the power. He no doubt would not want to see a comedian make fun of Muslims on his campus -- that could result in bombings, beheadings and all sorts of violence. Nope, Muslims are off limits --  he just fails to mention them because he is forgetful and wants to be smug.

He makes it plain later with a crass quote -- but he doesn't do a list:
Offend the right fucking people. 
But I will ... Christians, Conservatives, Republicans  would be a good start. Darned near all those people are non-violent, law abiding (because they have something to lose) and they are definitely the right people to offend -- from Mr Preppy's POV.

In the right context, white males are good too -- all be it not in a Biker Bar no doubt, nor likely even in the right kind of a mostly blue collar sports bar -- there Mr Preppy would find his overdog courage tinkling down his leg if he thought of anything "offensive" to say. Power isn't always portable, rule of law, more so -- but we gave that up. It is great to "offend the right people" when you have the power.

In a free society with freedom of speech, all speech -- ESPECIALLY unpopular speech is protected, and the mark of a free people is to understand that words are only words ESPECIALLY in comedy. Being offended was considered immature and shameful among free men. Mr Preppy is clearly not one of those.

But we don't live in that kind of society anymore, so now people need to either be willing to do violence to protect against speech they don't like -- like Muslims, or most likely Bikers at least on their turf. The rest of us have to worry about the State putting us away if we don't talk nice -- because not many of us would worry about Mr Preppy without a few jack booted thugs to back him up.

Thus, we have "progressed" (regressed) back to the medieval times when what you were free to say was determined by the mood of the King -- no freedom of speech. Only today, rather than Royalty -- with all the commensurate responsibilities they bore along with their power, we have Mr Preppy - snotty, crass, juvenile and smug. Very smug.

And that is what is called "progress".

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