Monday, June 01, 2015

Is Rand Paul Insane? Has He Heard of IRS?

The real Rand Paul stands up | Power Line:

Rand Paul and the Patriot Act are back in the news.

First observation -- People LOVE to talk of closing the barn door LONG after the horse has escaped.

Rnad is worried about the government looking at PHONE RECORDS??? !!!!!

Has he ever heard of a little agency called the IRS????? All our bank statements, all donations, the checks used for medical, optical, dental, etc. If you paid a housekeeper, the kid next door, etc, etc.

Paul is worried about THIS ????
determine your religion 85 percent of the time, who your physician is most of the time, what medicines you have. They can even tell when you go to the doctor, by interference, maybe what kind of procedures you’re having at your doctor’s office.
If you pay taxes in the US there is a ONE HUNDRED PERCENT CHANCE that the IRS knows your church, who your healthcare provider is, when you go to the doctor, specifically what kinds of procedures you had, what drugs you are taking and MUCH MUCH MORE!!

We have BOcare for goodness sake ... plus Medicare. The government has forms filled out on top of forms. If they want to look, they have all the data on your medical life a few times over!

For people that are concerned about the NSA I have one simple suggestion. Get on to abolishing of the IRS and instituting a FLAT TAX ASAP! Until the IRS is abolished, "privacy" in the US is a TOTALLY DEAD ISSUE. In order to determine what parts of your income/spending is taxable / deductible, and in order to determine it  for every other person, business and tax exempt entity in the country, the IRS as total access to your financial life -- which is a very large hunk of your total life!

AFTER we realize that income tax is UNCONSTITUTIONAL because it violates the Equal Protection Clause, THEN we can start to get serious about reclaiming more obscure forms of privacy.

Until then, it is completely insane to be concerned about NSA phone records!

As PL points out, the ONLY reason for Rand to be running is if Republicans want to go farther back to isolationism. Prior to air power and nuclear weapons, one could almost believe that isolationism for the US was an option. With space (controlled by China and Russia), the Internet and total global trade, there are no rational isolationists left.

So Rand is barking up the wrong tree -- the D party is the party of the irrational. If you believe in isolationism, or that 2nd guessing decisions of over a decade ago (invading Iraq) are useful, then you ought to be running as a D!!!

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