Thursday, June 25, 2015

Saving Your Enemies

One can look at the results of today and draw the conclusion that Republicans care more about avoiding short term pain than they do about saving the nation.

BO is happy, the MSM is happy, so we know that America just took a couple big torpedos amidships.

That BOcare survives is bad enough. What is worse is that congress can now write ANYTHING in a "law", and wait until it is passed, put in practice however the bureaucrats see fit, and there is no need to even go back and see what the law actually said. Republicans  may well pass something in the future that says "thou shalt not provide Social Security benefits to Illegals", and when the Democrat operated union bureaucracies get through with it, they do precisely what the law said NOT to do -- but given the "leeway" now provided on BOcare, the vast bureaucratic system as carte blanche to do whatever they want.

Law is dead, long live the bureaucrat!

The R's happily handed BO fast track authority -- and got NOTHING! He will treat them like the doormats he always has, and why not? If no respect is demanded, none is given by the left -- so the doormats have proven to be worthy of the name and his treatment of same.

The article is worth a read. Read it and weep.

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