Thursday, June 04, 2015

Some Women Just Want To Be Beheaded ...

CNN's Erin Burnett to Pam Geller: Do You 'Relish' Being Targeted for Beheading?:

It is hard to believe the hatred on the left for those that don't bow to Muslim demands because of the threat of violence. "Do you relish being targeted for beheading?".

Hmm ... how about rape? Do women that dress provocatively "ask for it"?

So if Christians took the same attitude as Muslims relative to gay "marriage", would that earn them the same sort of respect now given Muslims? After some Christian  violence against a gay "marriage" supporter, would the reporter be asking a gay "marriage" proponent: "Do you relish being targeted for violence?"

Let's see. Changing your sex is "courageous". Speaking up for what you believe is "relishing being a target for beheading".

Yup, that is where we live!

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