Sunday, June 28, 2015

The Rule of Five, Dropping The Torch

A Question For Those Who Celebrate the Gay Marriage Decision | Power Line:

When there is no remaining Constitution, there can no longer be any surprise at any usurpation of power by any branch of government. The SCOTUS has long ago given up it's standing as the interpreter of the written rule of law. Their legitimate power flowed from the Constitution -- now they have destroyed that document -- the total conjuring of a "right" to any form of marriage being just the latest example.

We have no Constitution, so there is very little reason to have a SCOTUS at all -- and as the leftward slide continues at greater and greater speed, we are nearly certain to see them totally ignored by a "progressive" president, rather than just attacked during a SOTU address as they were in 2010.

The linked article asks the simple question: "If you like the current ruling on gay "marriage", what if they had decided the opposite 5-4? (that gay "marriage" was UNconstitutional)?

Since there is no "right", nor prohibition to any kind of marriage in the Constitution, the country that used to be America would have worked it out on a state by state basis democratically -- as it was doing. The court could have just as easily ruled that gay "marriage" was not Constitutional and stopped it everywhere. Would these people putting up rainbow colors all over be as happy then?

When you give your power away, you give it away! It is GONE -- for some reason people don't realize that when they see the sovereign acting in concert with their "happy idea of the day". They stand and cheer that the state by state democratic process has been usurped. Confident that things will always go their way as "law" becomes a distant to non-existent idea. Where there is no law, there is no predictability of life -- when I was married 30 years ago, the idea of gay "marriage" was as far off as the idea of marrying your sister, parent or dog is today. Given the absence of written law, there is no reason to expect that anything on that list, nor things not imagined today would be a "right" 30 years hence.

As an aside,  "libertarians" applauding 5 people in robes ability to shut down the democratic process in states makes one question both the sanity and basic intelligence of such people. How can any sentient person call themselves a "libertarian" and call it "liberty" when 5 people in robes take the right to democratic action away from 330 million?

Scalia said it best “Today’s decree says that my Ruler, and the Ruler of 320 million Americans coast-to-coast, is a majority of the nine lawyers on the Supreme Court.”

We are no longer a "united" states -- when the rule of law is abandoned, then power is all that counts. We need a new nation -- perhaps the Red States can form such. The old nation is now something else than America -- the "Socialist States" or "Progressive States".

The torch of liberty has been dropped.

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