Monday, June 29, 2015

The US Is Not Norway

Why Norwegian-Style Socialism Will Never Work in the US - The Last Resistance:

Reasonable people might ask why the hell I think posting this is remotely needed. If you think that, you have not been paying attention for a LONG time -- and certainly not in the last couple of weeks. This country is NOT being run by "reasonable people", and judging from a lot of what I see and hear, "reasonable people" are an endangered species in the US!

The whole article is worth reading, but the bottom line is that Norway is a tiny country with a VERY homogenous population and a HUGE amount of yearly oil revenues -- in fact, everyone that lives there is a millionaire in shared oil wealth! This can be contrasted to the US where each man woman and child is $56K in shared debt, growing every day.

The article is worth a read if your reason is failing these days -- and whose isn't? These are NOT "reasonable times"! The bottom line is that in Norway, almost any "system" would work, even socialism!
If you are a tiny country with 3.5% unemployment, almost no immigration, an extremely tiny population of people under the poverty line, little to no diversity of opinion and lifestyle, and a publicly-held oil trust that makes each of your citizens millionaires… Well, I think socialism might just be able to work for you. The system itself is not really working. Because systems are measured by the problems they can overcome, not by the favorable conditions over which they are able to preside. In Norway, there is almost no system that wouldn’t work.
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