Friday, June 12, 2015

The Virtuous Cycle of Poverty For The Party

Suburbs and the New American Poverty - The Atlantic:

I learned something new while doing a little research on projections for future traffic on the outskirts of the city of Rochester. American suburbs are becoming much poorer!

This really isn't hard to understand with some thought -- "poverty" has become a lot less "poor" from a material standpoint as this article points out . To be poor in America today often includes materially a car, owning your own home, air conditioning. cable or satellite tv, a DVR, the internet, etc. It stands to reason that it would also begin to include that former symbol of "middle class", living in the suburbs!

As I've pointed out before, we declared "war" on poverty which was in rapid decline in the early 60's and have since stopped that decline, and through $22T in subsidy, managed to it back on the increase! Who says that government doesn't work! It is all about perspective.

Most of the poor vote for The Party (TP -- Democrat), so the most important thing that our TP controlled government wants is MORE VOTES! "Poverty" -- which today could really be called "policies for the destruction of the two parent family" creates a virtuous cycle for TP. The more poor there are, the more TP votes there are. The policies which TP puts in place tend to reduce the work ethic across the country by penalizing the productive and subsidizing the non-productive. WIN WIN!

As people are less and less well off, the number of TP voters rises! Exporting this phenomenon to the suburbs is clearly right in line with the TP prime directive ( MORE VOTES!). Besides, due to the same policies, more people in the suburbs are sliding into poverty -- sauce for the goose! Soon whole new cadres of formerly "inner city" poverty pimps will need to be added in the suburbs to manage this new set of vote slaves. Hello "Community Organizer" ?!

Sure, there is a little "collateral damage" -- drugs, despair, violence, etc, but if you want total equality (nobody has anything), then clearly this is the right policy!

This also works in government itself -- government workers all vote TP, so adding more government adds more government workers that increases the number of TP voters, so a huge win for TP!

It really isn't hard at all to understand what is happening with just a little thought and focus! Heil TP!

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